Monday, October 13, 2008

The Amazing Power of the Holy Ghost

Mormons and their leaders alike will swear that evidence, facts, and even truth don't matter in terms of a testimony. By careful and sincere study and prayer, you can KNOW it's true by a manifestation of the holy spirit. They even say that actually seeing Jesus Christ Himself would not be as convincing as this so-called manifestation. In a recent post, I showed a YouTube video of an apostle claiming that seeing the golden plates would not be enough. Actually receiving a witness of the spirit is the most powerful (in fact, the only) way to know the truth of something.

Now, if that were true, or even if the church leadership believes it is true, then why are they so afraid of apostates and our "evil literature"? If a witness of the spirit is indeed so powerful, why do they claim it is so easy to fall away?

Do you understand the profoundness of this question?

Personally, if I saw Jesus Christ in person I would be a staunch believer no matter what any anti-Christian or anti-Mormon pamphlet said.

Why does the church employ this method? Because it is fool proof. It makes the church true no matter what evidence is provided against it. I can provide facts that prove the church is false all day long, but I can never tell another person what they believe or what their feelings are. Even if we had video evidence of Joseph Smith's adultry, the church would still be true, all because the person "knows" ol' Joe was a true prophet.

In their twisted minds, Joe could be a rapist, murderer, liar, con-man, etc., but he was still a prophet. I've actually had Mormons admit to me that Joseph Smith was guilty of murder and yet, somehow, their image of him is not diminished in the slightest.

And yet, how can a person be a prophet and a murderer at the same time? A rational person will realize that he can't! A Mormon will justify it all day long because they "know" he was a prophet. If we had video evidence of Joe murderering and hacking up the body of some girl, he would still be a prophet. (I'm not saying he did that; I'm just using it as an example)

So this testimony, which is the most powerful evidence a person can ever receive, is infallable. No evidence in the world can refute it. So a Mormon can admit that Joe was a murderer and an adultrer, but it doesn't matter because they got the witness of his divine calling from the spirit.

But anyone in their right mind can see the very obvious writing on the wall. If Joe was a murderer then he was not a prophet. If Joe was an adultrer then he was not a prophet. If Joe did not translate the scrolls correctly then he was not a prophet.

But none of that matters, folks! The church is true no matter what because of a feeling! Come on Mormons! Wake up and use your brain! Your special feeling is exactly that, a special feeling. It's nothing more. Does a court system work on feelings and completely ignore pertinant evidence? Absolutely not! It just doesn't work that way.

So I will go back to my original question. If this witness is so damn powerful, why are people leaving the church by the dozens, scores, hundreds, thousands? If this witness was really as powerful as they claim it is, then no one would leave and people would be lined up by the thousands to join.

Sorry, Mormons, I hate to burst your bubble, but that is the fact and you know it. I know, I know, you'll accuse of never having gained my testimony; that I was living on borrowed light. You guys just have a convenient excuse for everything, don't you? If the system doesn't work for some people, it's not the system's fault... it's the person's fault.

So this so-called manifestation in all it's awesome power overrides truth, evidence, and facts. And yet, this amazing manifestation, which is more powerful than seeing god with your own eyes, is amazingly delicate. For some reason, it is the most convincing force in the world, and yet it can easily crumble. Church leaders constantly warn their members about falling away.

If the holy ghost gives such a powerful witness, why is it so easy to lose your testimony and leave the church? Why do church leaders constantly encourage their members to stay strong? If the holy ghost really was as powerful as they claim, they wouldn't have to worry about anyone leaving!

Just another common sense example of why the church isn't true.

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