Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Long and Short of Atheism

It is not the opposite of Christianity; it is simply the presence of rationalism.

If you were to get 10 people and put them on 10 different islands and let them grow up without any influence from the outside world, what are the odds that any of them would become Christian completely on their own? Or Buddhist? Or Islam? Or Muslim? Or any other popular organized religion?

It is unethical to actually conduct such a study, but it seems pretty obvious (if you just think about it) that none of them will. If anyone out there actually thinks that they would, let me make it really simple for you.

What are the chances that any one of them would develop a language that any other person on earth would recognize? I speak English for the simple reason that I grew up in an English speaking household. If I was born in Japan, I would speak Japanese. If I grew up with no language, then I would have no language. Religion is absolutely no different.

Atheism is simply not believing in those man-made religions that have no real proof of any of their outrageous claims. It's that simple. Atheism could just as easily be called rationalism. They are no different.

The way that Christianity spreads around the world is by missionaries, not inspiration. Missionaries take the Christian message to those who have never heard before. Now doesn't that strike you as a little odd? If Jesus was the true redeemer of all mankind, wouldn't he make himself known to all mankind? So you converted some of the heathens, but what about their parents who died before they ever heard of Christ? I guess they're screwed.

And that's why Christianity is so stupid.

All societies will have a religion of some kind. But if religion is so universally true, why do they all come up with their own unique version? If god is so powerful, why can't he form two different societies who have the same beliefs, independant of each other?

Your merciful, all-powerful god isn't looking so grand anymore, is he?

Anyone who thinks and draws conclusions from what can be seen and studied will arrive at the same conclusion: religion is man-made.

I have listened to different atheist arguments and they are all very similar. However, there is no such thing as an atheist church, where we all gather to learn what to say. Anyone who is an atheist arrives at the same conclusions as other atheists because it is true. Atheism is the only "religion" or belief system (for the lack of any other way to describe it) that is universally true even with groups that have absolutely no contact with each other.

Now isn't that ironic! The absense of god is the most universal belief that is consistant no matter where you go! American atheists have the same beliefs as Australian atheists, completely independant of each other!

How is it that an all powerful god can't seem to even get two different tribes to believe the same thing? How is it that in the absence of god, real truth emerges across the world, completely independantly?

I would be willing to bet that of those 10 people placed on an island, no two of them would form the same religious beliefs. In fact, without outside influence, I would bet (although there is no way to know for sure) that most of them would only believe in what they could see.

If Jesus is so powerful and influential, then why doesn't he inspire each of the 10 to believe in him? I'll tell you why. Because Jesus isn't real. They won't believe in Jesus completely independantly of outside influence anymore than they'll believe in Santa Claus.

We as a society believe in these things because of tradition, not because we each learned it for ourselves. In fact, the physical place in the world you live in is a very strong indication of what your belief system will be. So do we learn of god from god? Or from man? Obviously, it is from man. Because religion is from man.

Now, if you were to travel the world and find tribe after tribe and community after community that all believed in Jesus, even though they were thousands of miles apart and had never heard of each other or of any Christian nations outside of themselves, then Christianity would have a strong case. But since such is not the case, then Christianity is not the case.

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