Monday, March 2, 2009

Religion vs. Science

I went to see "Ultimate Universe" at the Clark Planetarium near downtown SLC the other day.

Science, whether viewed through a telescope or through a microscope, is absolutely incredible. Whether we're talking about galaxies that are 300 million light years apart from each other or molecules of DNA which are small enough to easily fit on the head of a pin, science is remarkable and mind blowing.

God is supposed to be the greatest thing around, right? Well, the marvel of science completely blows away any idea or superstition that religion can come up with. Heaven is the place where god lives. Yet, what do we know about it? Nothing, except that we want to be there. But there is no scientific evidence that heaven even exists.

I recommend that you go see this film. It is remarkable. The study of our world and our universe is beautiful beyond description. Yet it is real. Space is really out there and so are the trillions of stars that decorate the night sky. You can't see your DNA, but without it, you would not be alive. Is it science or religion that has brought these things to our attention?

God exists because humans needed an explanation. Now, god is no longer necessary because science gives us the true answers. We might not know everything yet, but that is the marvel of science. What we didn't know yesterday, we know today. What we don't know today, we will probably know tomorrow.

Science gives us the true answers and the more we learn of it, the less need there is for god. It won't be long before science can explain how life began and where we came from. Sorry, god. You had your glory. Now we don't need you anymore.

I hate to be the one to burst your religious bubble, but that's just the way it is.

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Raging against the status Quo said...

I will always remember this bit of wisdom. It makes things ALL too clear for you if you only take the time to really ponder what it means:

"Religion and sex are power plays, they manipulate people for the money that they pay. Whether they are selling skin or selling god, the numbers are the SAME on their credit cards!"