Monday, April 20, 2009

Thank You, Boyd K. Packer...

... for helping me see the truth about the LDS church.

One of my earliest memories of doubt about the LDS church came after hearing a story of the arrival of the pioneers in the Salt Lake valley. This story told of several of the apostles and priesthood leaders climbing a hill and setting up an ensign to the nation. They did so because they knew that they had the true priesthood and that they had been called to their high positions by god himself.

When I heard this story, I distinctly remember having the gut feeling that every single one of these men were deluded fanatics; that there was no truth at all to what they believed.

For years, I remembered hearing that story but could never remember where I heard it.

Until today.

I was browsing around on YouTube and came across a speech by Boyd K. Packer where he relates this story. I was beginning to wonder if I had just imagined this whole thing, but here it is plain and clear.

You only need to watch about the first minute and a half.

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Long Ben Avery said...

This man has all the animation of a house brick.