Sunday, July 5, 2009

Free Will or Slavery?

The LDS church claims that god allows all men to have their free agency. What they choose to do with that agency will determine the outcome of their souls for the eternities.

Let's analyze their concept of "free agency" and see if they really believe in it.

You are a member of the LDS church. You are taught and believe that only by choosing to obey and follow all the commandments, you will be rewarded with eternal life. If you choose to not obey, you will be rewarded with eternal damnation. As you choose to obey, you are "free" from damnation.

Now, let's say that I have a slave. I tell that slave that they are free to choose. If they choose to obey every order I give them without question, then I will treat them well. If they choose to not obey my every order, I will beat them within an inch of their life.

As the master, I have given my slave their "freedom" to choose. They are free to choose, BUT do they really have their freedom? They are a slave and their only choice is to obey or be punished. Is that really freedom? Of course not. My slave "chooses" to obey me and I am true to my word. Therefore, the slave is free of punishment, but is still not free.

Why does the slave "choose" to obey me? Is it because he loves me so much that he wants to please me, or is it because he wants to avoid his punishment?

In the LDS church, you're free of punishment, but you're not free. Do you really love the lord, or do you obey to avoid being damned? Does any slave really love his master or does he obey to avoid being punished?

Simply because you are given a choice does not mean that you are free. As long as you are a member of the church, you are their slave and they tell you what your choices are. That's not freedom.

By blindly obeying the prophet you are free? I don't think so.

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