Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I Am Offended

Popular church propaganda about those who "fall away" is that they sinned and were too proud to repent, or that someone offended them. No one offended me; however, I am offended.

I am offended that I was born into an organization that seeks to suck the life out of its unsuspecting members. From infancy, you are indoctrinated into their club, being told that it's the only way to live, the only way to be happy. They demand your unquestioning obedience and threaten your eternal soul if you even think about doubting or questioning.

I am offended that this group of supposed "men of god" do not display any of the characteristics that they pretend to employ. If Jesus was the ultimate example, why do they demand your money and build shoppings malls, businesses, hotels, ranches, and real estate? These hypocrites fly around in luxury while Jesus walked dusty trails in his sandals. He didn't even have a pillow to lay his head on. How dare they call themselves his representatives!

I am offended that they have attempted to shut down my brain. "God" gave me my brain and I assume that since that is the case, I am supposed to use it. However, these hypocritical liars make statements such as, "When the prophet speaks, the thinking has been done." How offensive that they think that I am supposed to become a robot and blindly follow their every command without even giving it a second thought. I read only what they say I can read. I watch only what they say I can watch. I date and marry only who they say I can date and marry.

I am offended that they worship and praise a man who was nothing but a horny, cheating, con-artist. They raise up this pervert to be a prophet of god when the reality is that he was never faithful to his wife, made up all the "revelations", had sexual relations with young girls (stating to their families that god wanted it to be and that they would all be saved for allowing it, or damned for not allowing it), and quite possibly was involved with murder (attempted murder for sure).

I am offended that such a vile organization passes itself off as a church, all the while threatening your eternal soul if you don't shut up, sit down, and pull out your check book. The gospel is free according to both the Bible and the Book of Mormon but the LDS church will damn you to hell if you don't pay up. They do nothing but grind upon the faces of the poor and ignorant.

I am offended that the LDS church makes regular, normal people feel guilty and ashamed for having normal human emotions and desires, especially those of a sexual nature. Their statements like, "the natural man is an enemy to god" has made people hate themselves and has even driven some to suicide.

I am offended because they claim to be all about freedom of choice. Yet, as a young child, did you have a choice? No, you went to church whether you wanted to or not. At eight, you "chose" to be baptized but did you really have a choice? At 19, you "chose" to serve a mission but did you really have a choice? As a member, you "chose" to accept all the callings given to you, but did you really have a choice? Sure, choose to obey, OR go to hell. Those are your options. Mission and BYU life are anything but free will. They take it all away if you let them.

I am offended that entire human lives are wasted in this filthy organization. The naive and innocent are being exploited and they go along with it because they think they are saving their souls. They give their entire lives to the church and then at the first sign of an economic hardship, the church announces that it "is not here to help you." They demand everything from their members and then refuse to give anything back.

I am offended that they claim to be family oriented and then separate the worthy and non-worthy family members at their precious temple when someone gets married. Would Jesus separate and exclude "non-worthy" family members? Hell no! Would Jesus condone the shunning of those family members who exercise their rights to not be LDS? Hell no!

I am offended that this "kingdom of the only true god" has a strong history of being racist. I thought god loves everyone equally. Blacks were only given the priesthood in 1978 because the federal government threatened to remove the churches "non-profit" status. Otherwise, blacks to this day would still be denied the priesthood. Now, they are doing it to their gay members. Will this "inspired" church ever get it right?

I am offended because this church downplays women and will only accept you if you are white, straight, male, and Mormon. Look at a chart of the higher up church leadership. How many are non-white?

I am offended... because it's an offensive organization.


JR said...

Excellent write-up. I'll try to get a member of my family (who's not the brightest light on the chandelier, and joined the cult) to read this. It may knock some smarts into her.

Mormon411 said...

Good luck with that. I hope it helps. Let me know how it goes.

OR said...

I'm also offended. Borderline pissed and i thank you for your blog because it makes you think.

Your thinking is very accurate on the concerns that are entitled to every human being.

I also grew up on the church and hell began for my family as soon as we left: you name it, it was done to us by the so called LDS. Being yelled at the streets, pull aside and judged by members of our own family, buying their company to keep some sense of familiy. And last but not least being subject of the several frauds committed by it's members, from paying for services that were never performed, dissapearance of personal objects, threathenig in workplaces...and so on.

The latest fraud we've been subject of, is in the process of being paid with the member's money after a year and a half; being this a) funds misappropiation b)covering up fraud. Both illegal.

I may add that people should question more and follow the trail of money, believe me, investments -Every-little-one- speak louder than beliefs. Cause most of the times is not about what you're thinking, but what you are really doing about it.

Unknown said...

Well said--it's all about control and the money.

Not to mention, leaders are beyond reproach--years ago, one of the Stake leaders in our area was convicted of Fraud in Federal Court. He didn't go to jail (not sure why)--but, of course, he retained his high Stake position. To mention this was considered 'speaking against the Authorities' and squelched.

The church is built on lies, control and guilt to get the money.

I'm also offended.....