Sunday, August 16, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday, Mormon411

Two years ago today I published the first post of this blog. Now, two years later, I have published 278 posts, nearly all of which I have written myself.

I served a two year mission for the lord. Now I have given two years to satan. Are we even? Not even close!

I gave 30 years of my life to the morg. Damn it! I'm going to take it back!

Tell you what, LDS, Inc. I'll delete this entire blog for $5,000,000. That's all the tithing I ever paid, plus interest. You're in the business of shutting people up with money. This one will cost you!

Five million bucks would be one hell of an awesome birthday gift!


JR said...

Five million wouldn't even scratch the surface a few years ago, but that white elephant of a mall, well with a price tag upwards of two BILLION dollars, that's got to hurt in this economic climate. If it meant profits though, they would turn it into a liquor store.

Mormon411 said...

$5 mil is about one days worth of tithing income. I think they can afford it.