Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The True $pirit of Jesus

"You didn't pay your tithing!"
The Church of Je$u$ Chri$t of Latter-day $aint$
Je$u$ Chri$t, Owner/President, LD$, Inc.
Thoma$ $. Mon$on, CEO, LD$, Inc.


Anonymous said...

Can I be CFO? I would raise the revenue to 15% per Mormon bringing in BILLIONS of extra dollars!!!!

Mormon411 said...

I've been wondering when they will receive the "revelation" to raise tithing to 15 or 20%!

Mormon411 said...

The sad part is that all the little TBM drones would fork it over without giving it a second thought.

JR said...

Poor simple mutton-heads. My step-daughter signed up with the cult a couple of years ago. So far she's had a nervous breakdown, lost her house, and is more f**ked in the head than a soup sandwich.

Resistance is futile....