Thursday, September 3, 2009

...He Knows the Way

Follow the prophet.
Follow the prophet.
Follow the prophet.
Don't go astray.

Follow the prophet.
Follow the prophet.
Follow the prophet.
He knows the way!

To the LDS, the prophet might as well be god. Whatever he says is gods will. They line up by the thousands at General Conference to have the pleasure of being in his mighty presence. They come from near and far to hear his voice and council. They watch on their television or listen on their radio. They marvel at his magnificence. They awe at his aura. This is the man who speaks with god face to face and reveals his will to mankind; the mouthpiece for god.

It's all so perfect that there is only one flaw...

He never says anything new.

As a TBM I used to buy into the whole "mouthpiece" thing, but deep inside I used to wonder why it was always the same old crap: obedience, missionary work, & tithing.

I used to wonder, "What is the reason for a 'living prophet' if there is never any new revelation?" I wasn't trying to find fault with the lords anointed (a covenant that you swear in the temple to never do). I seriously wondered.

Sure, occasionally they give good advice like get out of debt, or spend more time with your family. But that's not prophetic. Any old geezer in a suit could say those things. Twice a year, I used to listen to conference in the hopes that the "meat" would finally arrive.

How about a prophesy of a major event, like a natural disaster? Or how about reveal where missing children are? Or murderers?

Okay, even if they didn't do that, how about some real guidance in matters of life? How about revealing the next stock boom? How about tricks to use the priesthood to pay off your mortgage faster?

Sure there's "food storage". But again, what idiot couldn't tell anyone to do that? How about give a date of when this food will be needed? How about reveal the safe places to be when this event occurs? How about the winning score of the next Super Bowl?

He knows the way, right? So what is it?

But all you ever get is pray more, pay more, obey more. The only path he is leading me on is the path to bankruptcy and intellectual dishonesty. The path that benefits the church but damages the home.

No, there is absolutely nothing prophetic in his advice. Nothing. Any old fart in a suit could stand at the pulpit and tell everyone that they need to be more faithful, more payful, more obedient, more whatever. A clown could do that. In fact, clowns are doing it!

Now, when I view General Conference (which I avoid as much as possible) I don't see prophets and apostles. I see clowns dressed in expensive business suits. I see actors and con-men. I see deliberate deception. I see them being everything except what they claim to be: men of god.

In fact, I see evil men. I see men who would let a family starve just for another $10. They promote the destruction of families just because one of them doesn't believe or won't take out that second pair of earrings. They hide and supress anything that makes them look bad. They are truly the wolves in sheeps clothing, grinding upon the faces of the poor.

He knows the way...

...MY ASS!

Here is a link to that horrible song, Follow the Prophet. It's a catchy tune, but that's the whole idea...

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