Sunday, September 27, 2009

Healing, Life Until Death, and Raises

I haven't had much time lately to blog about the church. School and work are keeping me plenty busy.

I recently had an email conversation with a TBM who stated that she could never deny the church because of all the miraculous healings she and her children have experienced.


If her logic is correct, then every religion in the world is true. If your ability to heal and recover is an indication that you belong to the true church, then everyone who heals must belong to the true church. Since Mormons, atheists, Buddhists, Muslims, Jews, and even Satan worshippers all heal, then they all must be true.

Why does god bother to heal her AFTER her surgery, but doesn't seem to notice that she needed a surgery in the first place? If his priesthood is so powerful (and he is obviously willing to heal you because he did) then why did he wait until after your surgery? Why can't he just make the problem go away so that you won't have to go bankrupt trying to pay off your hospital bills? God always seems to step in after the doctor has done his job and take credit for all the healing. My point is, if he could help you recover so well from a surgery, why didn't he just fix the problem in the first place so that you wouldn't need surgery?

If the priesthood is so amazing in its power to heal, then why are there so many sick Mormons? Why do they get sick, recover, or die at the same rate as every other group of people? Why can't the priesthood heal genetic diseases? Why is there a hospital in SLC named "LDS Hospital"?

I had a surgery once and I recovered just fine without a blessing. I was even pain-free after the surgery with no pain killers. That must be proof that atheism is true!

Isn't that amazing!? Either my body can heal itself just fine OR god heals everyone equally, including atheists. Since everyone gets equal treatment from god, then how can that be evidence that your church is true?

Ok, so you had a miraculous recovery. The only way that would impress me would be if it ONLY happened to Mormons. But since people around the world of different religions all experience this, then it simply means that Mormons are not special.

So basing your testimony on such a fragile foundation is not only stupid, but also dangerous.

While we're on the topic of 'faulty logic' why don't we discuss another aspect that really gets me. Mormons believe that they live until their "job" on earth is done.

For example: Hugh Nibley believed that since he was still alive, his mission to defend the church was not finished.

For as smart of a man as they say Hugh Nibley was, that sounds like the belief of a raging idiot! Hitler survived several assination attempts. I guess god must have wanted him to stay alive until he had conquered the whole world! God must be a Nazi! But somehow Hitler lost the war. So was it god intervening or was it just a natural course of events just playing out?

My point is that god doesn't keep anyone alive. What if I had a time machine and went back in time to kill Hugh Nibley when he was just a kid? Could I blast him full of holes with a machine gun but he would just walk away unharmed because god knew that someday he would grow up to be a professional excuse maker for the church?

If you are going to use logic, then use logic. Don't take a stroke of good luck as a sign that your church is true. If you look around, you will see that good and bad things happen to everyone, regardless of their religion. Good luck, to a Mormon, means the church is true. Bad luck, to a Mormon, means they are being tested. Either way, the church is true. That is some extremely faulty logic.

The same is true of tithing. You can always open the Ensign and read a story about someone who paid their tithing and then got a raise at work or something like that. That would impress me IF it only happened to Mormons who paid their tithing. But since people around the world get raises all the time, then it simply shows that paying tithing, by itself, is not the reason a person got a raise.

Mormons think they are so special. They are favored by god with healings, life until they die, and raises. And they are so caught up in their arrogance, they fail to see that everyone in the world gets exactly the same thing. No one is favored.

So get off your temple-shaped soap boxes.

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