Sunday, December 6, 2009

Spiritual Giants

Every ward has its person who everyone considers to be the spiritual giant.

Spiritual Giant: As far as I know, this is strictly a Mormon term. It is used to describe a person who is hopelessly in love with TSCC. This person is admired by all the Mormons around them as being so "strong" in the church, that they will never lose their testimony. In fact that person always bears their testimony, always has comments in sunday school lessons, and is usually a convincing speaker so they always give talks in SM and teach lessons.

Every ward I have ever lived in, I can still remember the spiritual giant. In one ward, there was one week where there was not enough priests to bless the sacrament so they got another priesthood holder to do it. I remember that as he recited the sacrament prayer that he was in tears.

The ward where I currently reside has its spiritual giant as well. In fact, the male spiritual giant is married to the female spiritual giant. Together, they are the giant couple. She teaches at BYU and he teaches at church. They really are a nice couple with really great kids. They love the church so much that the missionaries are at their house almost every other night.

During my days of activity, I was once in a conversation with Dan (we'll call him Dan). He recounted to me how, out of all his siblings, he was the only one who was still strong in the church. At the time, I admired him for his strength.

Of course, now I look at him and see a man who is desperately clinging to a myth. Don't get me wrong, he really is a great man. Even as an apostate, I admire him. He is generous and kind. In fact, his only flaw is that he is Mormon.

His wife, while humble on the outside, just loves knowing that she is the golden woman of the ward. You can just tell when you look at her. She loves being looked at. She has some way of drawing attention to herself while doing nothing at all. She sings in the ward choir and somehow, you always find yourself watching her. It's almost scary. She's not even that attractive.

What more prestigious couple could there be? She is a professor at BYU for cryin out loud! In Mormon Land, that is the ultimate job.

Every ward needs it's spiritual giant. This ward has it's spiritual couple. Awww, how sweet.

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