Saturday, February 20, 2010

The "Growing Body of Archaeological Support for the Book of Mormon"

"The fact is that there is a growing body of archaeological support for the Book of Mormon." Greg of SPAMLDS

Is that so, Greg? Where? Show us.

The real fact is that the LDS church has spent millions of dollars on archaeological research in the supposed Book of Mormon locale, and has turned up nothing!

So, Greg, if you're going to claim that it's a "fact" that there is a "growing body of archaeological support for the Book of Mormon" then you might want to site some sources next time.

Because if you can't show me any, then that means they don't exist. And don't give me any FARMS or FAIR bullshit because those guys are the laughing stock of the "real" world.

The Mormons so desperately want the church to be true that they will take any literature, from any source, and use any shred of a hint of evidence supporting the Book of Mormon. It's funny how this shred of "positive" Book of Mormon evidence suddenly out weights the volumes and volumes of evidence against it.

They will quickly accept any evidence in their favor, but reject any that opposes them.

But that's Mormon thinking for you.

When trying to prove anything, start with the asumption that the church is true and then work backwards from there.

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