Sunday, August 15, 2010

Larry H. Miller Was Successful Because He Paid Tithing!

My step father is the type of TBM who just loves a good FPR (Faith Promoting Rumor). Naturally, like all TBM's he shares stories whenever possible to convince everyone around him that the church really is true.

For example, tonight he shared with me how he has been reading the autobiography of Larry H. Miller. From what he told me, Miller was born and raised Mormon in Salt Lake City. However, he was never really into the church until he started having children. Wanting them to have a spiritual background, he began attending church.

Presently, his bishop asked him why he didn't pay tithing and challenged him to do so. Miller, who was already beginning to be a successful businessman, took the challenge. As soon as he began paying tithing, his wealth started pouring in.

That may or may not be true. But let's look closer at the situation. First of all, Miller was already successful. He was a natural businessman. He would have made a fortune anyway.

Secondly, if tithing really does produce millionaires like that, then again I ask, "Why doesn't everyone who pays tithing suddenly receive millions of dollars? If it really did work that way, then I would gladly pay in an instant.

And I also ask, if blessings are only reserved for faithful tithe payers, then why are there millionaires everywhere who are not LDS and never will be?

Anyway, just more of the Mormon propaganda to "prove" it's all true.


Dean said...

Stories like this are just another tactic to keep money flowing in to the church. Not only is tithing "fire insurance," it's a way to ensure your success! Personally, I feel more successful post-mormon than when I was a TBM. I have always hated this kind of crap.

Astroknot said...

All valid opinions friends. True it is a cost, but I believe it is more meant in a way that when you tithe, you budget well with your other 90%. I think its meant to teach people to be grateful for what they have.

I dont think people expect the heavens to rain down the floodgates of heaven (at least not in monetary fashion).

That being said I dont pay tithes to any church, nor do I follow the mormon religion I was raised in. Also I do believe my family whom does pay tithes would be in much better financial shape were they to not do so.

I also disprove of misleading literature in any form.

Astroknot said...

Sorry just adding another because I forgot to hit the email follow up comments box.

recrec said...

tithing is optional,

tithe - giving out a percentage of your income without expecting any return...

tithing also helps the less fortunate.

Mormon411 said...

recrec, wrong! Technically, tithing is optional. However, the LDS church guilt trips the hell out of the members to pay. If you pay, you get blessings. If you don't pay, you lose blessings and will burn in a fire when Jesus comes. So while it's optional, it's more like blackmail.

Where did you ever hear that tithing is paid with no expected return? LDS church members are constantly told that Jesus has an abundance of blessings and is just waiting for tithing so he can pour them out.

And tithing is NOT used for helping the less fortunate. The help given is done through the fast offering fund which is money donated entirely by the members. The LDS church gives ZERO of it's own money to charity.