Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Elmer Fudd Joins the Church and Goes on a Mission

The doorbell rings and a young lady opens her door to see a short, fat guy with a bald head wearing a white shirt and tie and a black tag over his breast pocket. He is accompanied by a tall, skinny rabbit, also wearing a white shirt and tie with name tag.

"Hewow, ma'am. My name is Eldow Fudd and dis is my companion, Eldow Wabbit. We aw missionawys fwom the Church of Jesus Kwist of Watter-day Saints and we aw showring a special message about Jesus Kwist today.

"You see, back in 1830, dis boy named Joseph Smif was confused about which wewigion to join. So he pwayed to gawd. Gawd towd him dat none of dem was twue.

"A few years watter, he was visited in his bedwoom by the angel Mowoni. Mowoni towd him dat der was a gold book bwuyed in a newby hiww. Dis book was howy scwipture.

"Ma'am, I just know it's twue; I coud just cwy. I can feew de spiwit. I have the howy pwiesthood. Will you show de saviwor dat you wove him by joinin' the only twue chrch?"

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