Thursday, January 13, 2011

More Dishonest Mormon Tactics

In response to all the negative publicity the church receives online, it is no surprise that the church encourages its members to blog about the church. It is their hope that an investigator will find a pro-Mormon blog, rather than a blog like this one.

There are many videos on YouTube about the Mormon church as well. I have posted some of them here from time to time.

Lately, I have noticed a new tactic being used by Mormons to trick people into watching their pro-Mormon video. They post the video on YouTube and label it with a term that seems to be anti-Mormon. For example:

Secret Mormon Temple Rituals Revealed! - This video is posted by an individual or group that has the YouTube user name of DefendingMormonism, and it is actually a talk by Bednar about the blessings of the temple. He reveals very little about what actually goes on in the temple.

Mormon Elder Exposed! - A missionary bearing his testimony and a plea to watchers to let the missionaries into your house. There are a few spots in the video where the music drowns out what the guy is saying. He is qualified to preach because he knows it's true!

Mormons Exposed!!! Here are the secrets! - A simple video with very basic Mormon beliefs.

Seriously, what's the deal here? You Mormon defenders have to trick people into watching your videos? Lying for the lord is alive and well!


Doesitmatter said...

I remember my thoughts before I went to the temple.... I was excited! I was going to feel more spiritual, I was going to understand the gospel more fully. It seemed like a huge step in my mind. I went to all my temple prep classes and was told I would make sacred covenants and grow spiritually. Well, well, well
As I sat in the temple for my first time, I remember thinking "what the fuck?" I didn't feel spiritual. I felt more like an asshole and ashamed at the bakers outfit I had to wear. I never got used to the clothing and the whole ceremony is quite dull. I wouldn't say it stimulates any spiritual feeling. Yes the temples are gorgeous, but so is a nice hotel.
I couldn't imagine going to the temple pre 1990. Holy shit can you imagine the thoughts after making your death oaths? Here I came to be spiritually lifted, and yet I'm making implications to have my throat cut and my guts ripped the fuck out... Is it just me or is that completely fucked? Thats like farting while making love to your wife for the first time. It's just wrong!

Heather B said...


hahahhahahahahahaha.. That made me laugh. Its all so true....

MontelloOffGrid said...'re on point and it's not just you, it's at least you and me! It's all completely fucked. My experience, and many others were the same.

Mormon411 said...

I think I can safely assume that when all of us when to the temple for the first time, none of us were aware of the 1990 changes. Even without throat slashing and bowel gashing, I always felt so... odd. It was all too wierd and cultish. Especially the last half hour or so just before everyone goes through the veil. Change your clothes with the robe on the right shoulder... just kidding, move it to the left shoulder. Now stand up, bow your head and say "yes". That will do. I don't miss all that nonsense one little bit. And I don't miss all the hastle it takes to get there... tithing, meetings, callings, home teaching, worthiness, priesthood, interviews, etc. If it really takes all that damn effort to get into heaven, then FUCK IT! Hell will probably be more fun anyway.

MontelloOffGrid said...

the "bow your head and say yes" component was the final bell ringer for me!

Doesitmatter.....since I am no longer shy about asking doctrinal questions, is it only wrong to fart while making love to your wife on the first time, every time, or is farting during the love making process an elevated state of love making sanctioned to be exercised by those with proper authority? Your summation killed me.....thank you!!!

Joe said...

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Mormon411 said...

What an honor, Joe. Thank you!

Cherish Life said...

You guys crack me up. Wrong indeed! I had the same lack of upliftment (is that a word?). My first time through I walked out of the temple actively squashing down the ridiculous notion that something was wrong with me for not feeling something spectacular... and have never been back since.