Tuesday, May 31, 2011

More Light is Shed on the True Character of Joseph Smith

Have you ever wondered why so many of the early apostles and Book of Mormon witnesses left the church? Among other reasons, it was because Joseph Smith was trying to fuck their daughters.

Steve Benson has put together a well-referenced article about his (Smiths) advances on Sydney Rigdon's daughter Nancy. Smith locked her in a room with him and made his advances, threatening that if she tried to expose him, he would ruin her reputation. She quickly rejected him and went public. Like all the other women in church history who rejected him, he labeled her as a "child prostitute".

Please click here to read this article. It is well documented and sheds light on the true character of the sexual predator, Joseph Smith.

Smith would do anything to get an extra woman in his bed. This included ruining the reputations of all the women who refused him. He even went so far as to try and use revelations in order to get the women to consent to his plural marriage scam.

Read the article. If it doesn't anger you, then nothing will.


hello :) said...

are you kidding me? joseph smith was a man of God. he did what God asked him to do. you have twisted the book of mormon into something it isnt. go ahead and think what you want. joseph was an honorable, noble man. plural marriage was something God asked him to do, along with other leaders of the church. it was not their idea, just so they could sleep with other women. once God had told them enough, they stopped. so go ahead, think what you want. it isn't true :)

Mormon411 said...

Do a little research and you will find out that after the church officially ended polygamy, the leaders continued to practice it in secret. There are records of plural marriages performed AFTER the manifesto, which ended polygamy in public, but not in private.

Please tell me. What is honorable about marrying a 14 year old girl? What is honorable about sending men off on missions and then marrying their wives? Joseph Smith actually did this while claiming to be commanded by god.

Do your research and then we'll talk. Smiths tradition of lying is carried on today by his successors. They will only tell you the white washed version of things.

hello :) said...

I don't care what you believe. You say mormons are wrong? Then okay. That's what you say. But the fact that you would make a blog JUST to bash mormons are wrong. People can believe what they want. This website is cruel and harsh. If you waant to knowledge people on your beliefs, do it somewhere else. One of the many things mormons are very honorable for, is the fact that they don't single out religions, and talk about why they are wrong. We have our religion, and we work on that. We don't go around bashing other religions. We do our best to be CHRISTlike. Whether you believe in him or not. What you're doing is wrong.

Mormon411 said...

I don't bash on Mormons. I bash on the LDS church. There is a difference. Mormons are my family and friends. You know, I think I'll stay right here because this is my place to say whatever I want. If I went somewhere else, you would follow me there and tell me to go somewhere else, etc.

I disagree with you. Right in the Pearl of Great Price, Joseph Smith claims that all other religions are an abomination. And in the book Mormon Doctrine, Bruce R. McConkie wrote that the Catholic church was the church of the devil. It was removed in subsuquent editions. So Mormons have done their fair share of religion bashing.

I guess I'm just like Joseph Smith. Some people love me and speak good of me. Some people hate me and speak evil of me.

I don't speak hate or love... I just speak the truth.

Smorg said...

I don't see anything wrong with opening and maintaining a blog about one's view of a church that one has left, actually. Nobody is being forced to read it, and no one that I know of is threatened with all sorts of metaphysical catastrophes for not reading or agreeing with this blog's view. I'm not sure the same can be said about the LDS church...

I've only a small experience with the church so far (2 of their missionaries keep dropping in at my pad around lunchtime trying to convert me (or maybe they just want free food), and I've only gone to church with them once :oP ), and I already find the whole thing big-brother-ishly suffocating.

I've gotta say... all the Mormons I've met so far seems to have this ingrained refusal to even consider separating 'god' from 'church and prophet and holy books'. I'd ask the missionaries about the weird claims in the BoM and D&C -- how do you know such and such claims are true? The only real answer I could squeeze out of them is 'because that is what 'god' wants'. Well, I say; 'and how do you know 'god' wants that?' Because the BoM or one of the prophets say so. And prophets speak for god.' But then they keep reassuring me that god can speak to everyone personally and that one can ask god during prayer if the prophet is right... Well, if god can speak to me personally then why would it need any prophet at all? Especially when I can question what the prophet says? It is frustrating talking in circles like that. :o(

Talking about that, I should probably try to read a few more chapters of the BoM tonight as the missionary lasses are coming back to grill me again in a couple of days. :oP Honestly, I'm finding this thing a very tough read. Nephi, for instance, never says anything in 2 sentences if he could say it in 40. And all this was supposedly etched onto golden plates??? How the heck did they fit so many words into such a few plates? Did they have like laser etching back then that can make 1.5 point font? ;oP

Sorry, I'm heading off to grumble elsewhere now. :o) Cool blog, I say. A question. Did you serve as a missionary?


Mormon411 said...


Yes I did serve a mission. I'm not comfortable sharing with everyone where I went, but I will say that I was in a large city on the east coast.

You make some very good observations and I have wondered before why we need prophets if we can receive our own revelation. LOL The more you THINK about it, the less sense it all makes.

LDS people are very tightly engrained with their true church. They want everyone to hear them but no one to criticize them. They want you to read their books and study their propaganda but they refuse to take a look at anyone elses point of view.

Any type of criticism that makes the church look bad is viewed by members as lies of the devil. You see, the devil knows the church is true and he wants to deceive as many people away from it as possible. So he and his agents (people like me) do nothing with their lives but fight against the kingdom because we want everyone to be as miserable and damned as we are.

And yes, the Book of Mormon is painful to read. It is full of run on sentences and poor punctuation.

Thanks for sharing your observations!