Monday, December 19, 2011

Religion is Bad for Society According to New Study

There is now another good reason to take Sunday off...

According to recent studies, religion is bad for society. This completely contradicts the idea that in order for a society to be successful, it must be god-fearing.

This study has shown an indirect relationship* to how religious a society is and how functional it is. A more functional society tends to have lower murder rates, lower suicide rates, fewer people in prison, lower crime, fewer STD's and teen pregnancies, abortions, divorces, etc.

*An indirect relationship is a relationship where as one thing goes up, the other thing goes down, as opposed to a direct relationship where as one thing goes up or down, the other thing does as well. In this case, as religion goes up, functionality goes down.

This study has found that those societies, such as the United States, who are highly religious, tend to be the most dysfunctional. The less religious a society is, like Japan, the more functional it is.

Gregory S. Paul is the man in charge of this study.

Is this just wishful thinking on the part of atheists? No, atheists don't engage in wishful thinking. This study is a look at the raw numbers of how religious a society is compared to its functionality. The results: more religion = less functional.

Interesting. The United States, which is full of Christians who hate abortion, is ranked the highest in the world for abortions. Let the data speak for itself. This graph shows that the more a society believes in god (the dot further out to the right) the less functional it is. Notice the US. It is the far-most right dot on the graph meaning it is the most religious. Notice, however, it is the LOWEST in terms of functionality. You will also notice that the societies on this graph that are the least religious are the MOST functional.





Tyson Devereux said...

This study is a correlation, not an absolute. It is an interesting study though. However, beyond the numbers I would like to know why that is. I would like to know why a nation of people who teach morality is lacking - it would be interesting to look into

Mormon411 said...

A relationship is not an absolute. There might be some other underlying factor that this study overlooked. I would like to know why too. If I find anything more detailed, I will post it here. If you find anything, please let me know as well.