Friday, February 10, 2012

Prostitution Behind the Veil

Prostitution Behind the Veil

I just came across this video on Hulu. It is a documentary about two women living in Iran and how they are forced into prostitution because of the severe religious oppression of women.

If you don't feel that separation of church and state is a good idea, you will after watching this.

Under Islamic law, a married man can enter into a sighe with another woman. A sighe is a temporary marriage that can last from an hour to 99 years. The man pays the woman and they agree on a price. While they are "married" he has all the rights to her that a husband would have. Women are not allowed to speak out to their husbands. In one scene, a woman's sighe husband is beating her kid and she just has to sit there and listen to it. After he is done beating the kid, she has to be happy to see him or she will get beat too. She shows scars and cuts on her body from the man who has the legal right to beat and abuse his wife. When the women go out to find "work" they have to bring their kids. The girl picks up two guys and while one goes into the bedroom with her, the other holds the kid. Then they switch. She gets paid only $10 for each guy.

A girl is considered a woman at the age of 9 and can be married as well as punished as an adult for breaking the law. Anyone who breaks Islamic law will either be imprisoned or executed.

So to all the Muslim fanatics who are desperately trying to convert me to Islam, I say "FUCK YOU!" Why would anyone embrace a religion that is so evil and oppresses women with their damn holy book, the piece of shit Quran!

This is what happens when religion rules: chaos, corruption, hypocrisy, poverty, prostitution, and oppression. If you agree that this is wrong, then share it. Let's eliminate the evil that religion brings upon the people of the world!

This video is just under 52 minutes and is spoken in Iranian with English subtitles. You may have to create a Hulu account and sign in to be able to view this video. It contains no nudity. You do have to watch a few short ads.


Andy said...

I like you being blunt on this. I think there is a good percentage of bloggers who shy away from writing about Islam.

Mormon411 said...

Thank you, Andy. I really don't know much about Islam, but based upon what I do know if I had to choose between it and Christianity, I'd choose the latter in a heart beat!

Religion is religion regardless of what god you worship. It's evil and needs to be eradicated from the earth.

Heather said...

When I was deep in religion, I was only concerned with what went on with me and my little world. Now that I am out, I am shocked to hear, read, or see what actually happens out there, and I would make a safe guess that 99.9% of it could be done away with if religion was wiped out.

Honest Hypocrite said...

There are always ways to corrupt religion. If we have to blame something, it's the humans we should blame. Religion started out with stories. Things only start to screw up when people take these stories twist them to suit their need. My favourite religion out there is Buddhism but I hate a lot of Buddhist. Why? Because a lot of them make use of the religion and people's greed to earn even more money.

I personally feel that Christianity is more condemning than Islam. (e.g. their views on abortion) The reason behind Islam being viewed in a more negative manner is probably because of the type of environment Islam is widely practised in rather than the religion's teachings itself. If the same place is religion-free, people will probably figure out another way to make things work exactly the same.

Mormon411 said...

Heather, I'm with you there, but I fear that something else would come along to take it's place. But if we somehow convinced every person in the world to give up religion, then maybe, just maybe, they would have enough critical thinking skills to avoid letting it happen again. I doubt it we'll ever know. Religion is an illness without a cure.

I have mixed opinions about Honest Hypocrite's comment. On one hand, I would agree that if everyone followed their religion, then it would be a peaceful world. But some religions, like Islam, teach that men are superior to women.

I read a quote lately:

"Let's blow each other up to see who has the most peaceful religion!"

Honest Hypocrite said...

Well, I wouldn't say that if everyone followed their religions, the world will be peaceful. The stories told in religion aren't exactly always so nice. I think religion is like a lie. Depending on the person practising it, it can be either white or black.

Anyway, being atheist, we all don't believe that the teachings of a religion come from some sort of superior being. Therefore, it comes from humans. The humans also happen to be the ones who build the environment this religion thrives in.

I hope this doesn't make my point even less clear. I feel like my words are in a mess.

Mormon411 said...

No, I understand exactly what you mean. Religion is man made. God is man made.

Another quote I recently read:

"In the beginning, man created god in his own image: intolerant, sexist, homophobic, and violent."

danial sh said...

well said