Saturday, May 12, 2012

Magical Temple Square

The other day I had to go to Temple Square to meet with someone. As I waited for this person, I couldn't help observe the beautifully landscaped paradise that is Temple Square.

Temple square is beautifully decorated with ornate flower beds with not a single weed, waterfalls and fountains, statues, marble walkways, and people coming and going dressed in their Sunday best. Let's not forget about the happy newly-weds just coming out of the temple, surrounded by proud family and photographers. There are workers out everywhere blowing leaves off the sidewalks, weeding the flower beds, and trimming bushes. Missionaries sporting their signature black name tags can be seen everywhere you focus your gaze.

The place is like a paradise. The temple itself looks like a fairy tale magical castle right out of a Disney movie. No expense is spared to make Temple Square look perfect. Add to that the picture perfect blue sky, light breeze, and warm sunshine.

Families with young children are touring the grounds. Parents are telling their children that someday they will go into the temple. Little kids want to splash their hands in the water fountains, some of which are very large and elaborate. At night, large lights shine on the temple, giving it the appearance of glowing. Missionaries are friendly; most of them are very attractive females. The buildings are decorated with detailed carvings. Statues of Mormon celebrities dot the grounds and tourists look upon them admiringly.

Anyone who has been brought up in Mormon culture gets an extra boost of "feel-good" at Temple Square. It is perfect there. The atmosphere is magical. It is easy to see how so many people get caught up in the illusion.

And that's all it is... an illusion. If Temple Square is perfect, then the church must be true. That magical feeling there must be the spirit telling you it really is god's kingdom.

A closer look reveals more, however. Black, circular domes containing video cameras are carefully monitoring everything that happens. Men in suits wearing earpieces and sunglasses keep a close eye on things. And Temple Square is surrounded by a 15 foot-high wall. A close look at the carvings on the temple and other structures reveals pagan and satanic symbols.

This place is the epitomy of the "wolf in sheeps clothing" concept. It is a lion's den enclosed in a beautiful rainbow-colored bubble. It is a Venus Fly Trap or some other snare that allures prey by displaying a tempting offer. Once you are caught in its grip, you can rarely escape.

The LDS church is a cult. They hide their lies and deceptions behind beautiful flower beds.


Andy said...

Your description reminds me of Disney World.

Brad said...

I agree Andy. It's like a magical fairy land, just like the religion.

Exhalted Outcast said...

It's truly a terrifying place if you take your blinders off and view it for what it is: It is a LIE. It is designed specifically to lull your senses into seeing pretty flowers and walkways, if you look close you see slavery. Slavery to a fake god, by fake prophets in a fake church. It is empty calories. Nothing more, nothing less.

Heather said...

Holy cow! The men who watch the security cameras had NO power if discernment! To allow a heathen apostate atheist on holy grounds. If they only knew.... ;)

Anonymous said...

I've only been there a few times. I loved it, I could feel the pioneer spirit there alive and kicking. God placed that Temple up on the tops of the hills, and all of the world flows to it. "Let us go up to the Temple of Jacob!"

Anonymous said...

Or in other words:

But when all is said and done,
God's Temple on the mountain,
Firmly fixed, will dominate all mountains,
towering above surrounding hills.
People will stream to it
and many nations set out for it,
Saying, "Come, let's climb God's mountain.
Let's go to the Temple of Jacob's God.
He will teach us how to live.
We'll know how to live God's way!

Mormon411 said...

I've never heard that before. Is it a hymn or something?

Unfortunately, the temple was not placed there by god. It was built by man, just like all the churches, books, doctrines, and even god himself. They are all invented by man. As soon as god himself puts a temple somewhere, I'll admit I was wrong. Until then, ain't gonna happen.