Saturday, July 14, 2012

Funny Religious Signs...

...and my responses to them!

Don't go to church. Your brain might atrophy!

And you wonder why people call you bigots.

That's true American religion right there... Doing absolutely nothing for eternal salvation!

Shouldn't this one say, "If creationism is true, how come mothers only have two hands?"

Better pay your fire insurance!

Yep, snow has nothing to do with nature. I guess all the people living around the equator are just godless heathens.

Oops, did I upload this one twice?


Andy said...

Good stuff!

erin said...

At the turn of the century, I once saw a chruch sign that stated "Under same management for the past 2000 years." I thought, well that's funny. Man has been around longer than 2000 years. If god created man, why wasn't he around before year 1?

Mormon411 said...

Andy, thanks bro! Means a lot coming from you!

Erin, exactly! If there was one true god, he sure did let things get out of control. If he wants everyone to be saved, why did he allow 30 million different religions to be created?

Andrew said...

Haha. Great pictures. don't be so open minded. haha.

Sierra 117 said...

Does your Dad always stick around to kiss every booboo you get. Poeple have to grow up. "Mormon"... please. I'm Mormon.