Saturday, May 25, 2013

Here's How It All Really Works

Joseph Smith starts the church. 

He convinces people that he is a prophet.

He tells them that he will have many enemies because Satan knows the work is true and will plant the spirit of contention into the hearts of evil people in order to stop it.

Smith defrauds people; takes their money, wives, and daughters... All under command by god, of course.

When the people are angry, he shows his loyal followers that his prophecy about enemies came true.

Therefore, people hate the church because they are full of Satan's influence.

No matter what the prophet does, anyone who criticizes him is full of Satan.

The church is innocent and spotless; a victim of persecution and mindless hate.


Heather said...

Holy hell, you're back...

Its a brilliant plan actually. Convince people you can do no wrong and you're gods mouthpiece, you're golden.

Mormon411 said...

Hi Heather,

Yes, I'm back.. at least for now. There for a while I really lost all desire to blog. Maybe it's a sign that I'm moving on.

Exactly! And that's how it works to this very day. Monson can absolutely do no wrong. If he was to be seen coming out of a whore house, the members would find some way to justify it and keep him spotless.

And god's mouthpiece says:

"Pay me your tithing!"

Heather said...

I've had a hard time blogging lately too, but being in the heart of a mini Utah I can't stay away from the insanity too long, and have to write about it. Plus my blog is kind of a timeline for my family, so if anything i have to keep that up.

Its good to see you back tho. Moving on is a great step, and maybe the blog could move into a different place as well- to show peeps that life is so much greater on this side of recovery.

You're a great writer and I've enjoyed reading this lil blog.

Brad said...

I think this same kind of formula, that you described so well has been used by other cults/religions. A couple of obvious examples that come to mind is the People's Temple and Scientology. I also think that most religions, with a few exceptions, use this same formula to some extent.

On the flip side. I also think that people want the answer given to them. It's a lot easier than to come up with the answers yourself. Or, to spend the time to figure it out. The scientific method is counter intuitive to our evolutionary tendencies.

Anyway, thanks for posting!

Mormon411 said...

Thank you, Heather, and I enjoy reading yours as well.

Brad, yes, we do tend to take the easiest answer given to us. The Amazing Atheist did a video a while ago where he compared religion to fast food... we all want it quick and easy. It was a great video.

Brad said...

Thanks! I'll checkout the Amazing Atheist video.