Saturday, June 15, 2013

Why So Many Missionaries?

Why does the church continue to send out thousands of missionaries even though, worldwide, their numbers are dropping?  It seems they are fighting a losing battle.

There are a few reasons, in my opinion.

First, the Mormons believe they are the fastest growing religion in the world.  While it is clear from many sources that they are not, you can't convince them of that.  The church is fighting a losing battle... their conversion rates are dropping.  Why?  Beacuse any potential convert can easily get online and do a quick Google search to find out anything they want about Mormonism.  Their long-kept secrets are now public information and not only are their conversion rates dropping, their born-in-the-covenant members are leaving as well.

In order to maintain this illusion of the "fastest growing religion in the world", they send out thousands of missionaries and proudly publish the number serving.

Secondly, and probably the most important reason, is the pure conditioning that missionary service provides.  In the church, the young women are taught to only date and marry a returned missionary.  By creating a family "stong in the gospel", it decreases the chances that they will fall away.  There is certain prestige by being a returned missionary and a missionary who leaves the church is especially looked down upon.

Church leaders are perfectly aware that by creating strong Mormon families, the truest of converts are those born into it.  If you can condition them from birth that it's all true, then you'll have a submissive tithe payer for life.  Sending a man on a mission when he's young and then convincing him to get married and start popping out babies right after he returns will keep him strong in the gospel.  Even if he encounters "opposition" and his testimony wavers, he will stay strong for the sake of his family. 

Therefore, the strongest convert they are hoping for is the missionary himself.  They want him to return home in all his glory, find his eternal companion, and start raising the next generation of future missionary-converts and tithing payers.

The LDS church uses its members like pawns for money and greed by convincing them that they are serving the lord.  So, their faithful members never question, never doubt.  They give of themselves gladly and willingly their whole lives.  They defend the prision which keeps them captive.  They love the feeling of being persecuted because it means the are fighting for the truth against Satan.  They pay money to the corporation with the promise that they will get blessings in return.

These days, a missionary has very few converts.  I only had one on my mission.  But the church doesn't really care.  If converts come of it, great.  Whether he has converts or not, they want that missionary fully emmersed in Mormonism himself.  They want him so hooked that he'll never leave and will do anything to make sure his kids never leave.

As long as the church has young people, they will continue to send them out on missions.


Alex said...

I'm waiting for them to start amping up the expectations for sisters to serve missions. After all, what good is it to have all these fertile young women if they're going to leave the church before they start popping out babies?

Heather said...

You had one convert? Did you serve in the states or in Europe? It seems those areas have fewer numbers of converts.

and I think you're right on the church trying to convert the missionary... once they're converted then ya get an entire family along with them. That equals several tithing payers.

Brad said...

It was while on my mission that I had my first inklings of doubt. Though it took several more years and an accumulation of study, it all sprung from my mission. I hope that this kind of thing continues to happen to other missionaries as well, including my own kids. Going on a mission is an eye opening experience in more ways than one.

Mormon411 said...

Alex, yes I'm surprised that they haven't done it already. I'm also waiting for them to kick tithing up to 20%.

Heather, yes, just one convert. I did my mission in the eastern United States. I'd tell you exactly where in person but am not comfortable sharing it publically. Exactly, you get a whole family of tithing payers.

Brad, truly, my first inklings of doubt were on my mission as well. Like you, it took much more eye opening and study to realize the full truth, but I honestly do feel that if I hadn't served a mission, I might be a TBM to this very day.

vitruvio said...

I was so schocked today, reading of John C.Bennett.
Vice president in Navoo 1840 that he performed several abortions on wifes of Joseph Smith
(Wat is that.....)
I am for 14 years a member of the church.
But now I am out...

Mormon411 said...

vitrvio, yes there are many things in LDS history that will literally turn your stomach and make you want to vomit.