Saturday, December 14, 2013

Name Removal Process, Update 1

So, I sent in my resignation letter a month ago.  I convinced someone I know to send in theirs at the same time and we could go through the process together.  Well, within days, this person received their "Please Come Back" letter with the "Invitation" pamphlet.  I received nothing.

I checked the mailbox every day for a month.. Nothing.

I finally decided to call the church and ask them what was going on.  I spoke to a nice and helpful lady.  I asked if they had received my letter and after getting my basic information, she told me that they had not received it.  I told her that I had sent it via certified mail and that delivery was confirmed.  She was very apologetic and said she would contact her supervisor to find out if anyone knew where it was.

About an hour later, they called me back.  Apparently they found the letter!  The lady who called was, again, very helpful and courteous.  She informed me that she would expedite getting things going, which included sending a copy of my letter to the local bishop.  She informed me that he might be contacting me to confirm that I really want my name removed (Of course I want to!  Otherwise I wouldn't have written the letter, signed it, and mailed it to them).

Whether this is a tactic by them to stall the process or if it really was an honest mistake, I'll never know.  The two ladies I spoke with both seemed to be very kind and helpful.  I didn't feel talked down to or judged, perhaps because they deal with issues like this all the time and are used to it.  Either way, I was impressed with how anxious they both were to help me.

Note: I have read reports that the people in member records are difficult to contact.  That was not my experience at all.  They answered my call immediately and called me back very promptly.

I'm hoping to receive my "Please Come Back" letter early next week.  I'll post updates...

Update: I checked the mail today and, voila, there it was!  I've heard that sometimes giving them a phone call can make things happen fast!

Tomorrow I'll write my feelings on the letter and pamphlet.


Heather said...

at leas they were kind and helpful. i'm curious as to how many letters they get daily. i'm sure its more and more every passing year. =)

Mormon411 said...

Yes, honestly, I was expecting them to be cold and rude.. After all, they are dealing with APOSTATES, the spawn of Satan!

Maybe I'm just being cynical.

The very next day, I found a letter in the mail from them.