Tuesday, January 21, 2014

What Is Wrong With This Picture?

Something about this graphic rubs me the wrong way.
God has a great plan for you.  There's only one problem... You don't know what it is.
It's like a lost traveler who stops at a gas station and asks for a road map, only to be handed a blank piece of paper.  The traveler sincerely thanks the attendant for his help and continues on the way.  He gets lost more, but after much trial and error, finally finds his destination.
What is the use of the journey if you don't know where you're going?
If god has a great purpose for your life, wouldn't it be a good idea for him to fill you in on a few of the details instead of leaving it a surprise until the end?

It seems like a huge waste.. Going through life blindly.  Feeling your way.. Guessing at whatever lesson god is trying to teach you.  Then arriving at the end point, and realizing that you spent the entire journey looking behind you instead of looking ahead.

Would you rely on a road map that was 2,000 years old for navigating a modern city?  Then why use a religion that was invented 2,000 years ago for navigating modern life?

Live your life!  Take charge of your own journey!  You'll make mistakes; learn from them.  You'll get lost; but you'll find your way.


Insomniatic Sunrise said...

Yeah I agree with you! To me this sorta reminded me of my patriartichal blessing... my dad was crying the whole time and I didn't even shed a tear. I didn't really feel anything it just sounded like an average old guy talking with fancy words honestly. Also, the whole thing of religion relying on a foundation of faith... from that you could psychologically be telling yourself it's true with any religion. However to Mormons, the LDS church is the "ONLY" true church. I think that's bull. I remember trying to get my mom to understand what I meant by psychologically telling yourself it's true, here's how it basically panned out when they told me they didn't have all the answers I just had to pray for myself:

Me: "Mom, what if you were born in a Methodist church and prayed about it to see if it were true and got the answer that it was true?"

Her: "That's impossible though because it's not the true church. You would psychologically be telling yourself it's true"

Me: "But couldn't you psychologically be telling yourself that the Mormon church is true too?"

Her: "No, because it is the true church"

Me: "Well what if you got the answer that it wasn't the true church"

Her: "That's impossible because it is the true church"

...wow thanks mom.

Anyways, cool post!

Mormon411 said...

Yes, the logic is very circular and most people will never see the error in that type of thinking. The church is true and everything stems from that. I have had many a similar discussion with believers. From their point of view it is all so clear. When you step outside of that line of thinking you just *facepalm* yourself and wonder how you went to long without seeing it. At least I do. There are so many young people who are seeing the truth and I am so envious. I wish I had seen it when I was your age so that I could have enjoyed my youth a little.

I have made many discoveries in my personal journey and have been so excited to share with people. They just don't get it. And it is disappointing.

Mark Hill said...

That reminds me of something my recently agnostic friend sent me (I helped him leave Catholicism).
"I just saw a Christian thingy that said "Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see he staircase."Paraphrased: Faith is jumping off a high place with no regard for your health or safety in the hope that there IS a staircase.
It's funny to think that I used to believe that stuff

Mormon411 said...

That's exactly what faith is.. a belief in something that has no evidence.

Religious people will try to argue that even science believes in things that can't be seen, so it's the same with god.

Nice try. Even though some things can't be seen, there is evidence of their existence. There is not evidence for god other than a really old book that no one understands anyway. And that's not even evidence.. It's a book that talks about god. Does a comic book that talks about Sumperman prove Superman is real?

If faith is required, then there could be any infinite number of things to have faith in. What are the odds of getting it right anyway?

It's sad that in religion, it is a virtue to have blind faith. It is noble and admirable to shut off your brain and become a sheep.

senigami said...

Ah, patriarchal blessing's, the Mormon fortune cookie. Great point in the post and these are all great comments.

Mormon411 said...

Yes, and I have not talked about patriarchal blessings much. Maybe that's what I'll do my next post on. I feel that the blessing given to my ex was a major contributor to the reason why we are divorced.