Sunday, September 30, 2007

I Feel Sorry For You

For my own sanity, I try to keep my apostasy on the hush. *

*When I say my apostasy, I don't say it as if I actually believe I have apostatized. I am simply using the churches term for it, which perhaps I shouldn't. Then again, an apostasy is a falling away, and I fell away from the church. So I say apostasy. Mormons think it means I have thrown my soul in the trash. It really means that I have escaped from the vicious cycle of Mormonism.

But unfortunately, you can't suddenly quit going to church without several people noticing. At least most of them just think I am inactive and don't know to what extend I abhor the church (not the people). But some of those who do know of my "apostasy" have extended the following pity for me: "I feel sorry for you."

Now why exactly would they need to say that? I am in the prime of my life and I have never felt so free! I no longer have to fear some imaginary god. I no longer have to pay tithing or fry. I don't have to live in a vicious cycle so I can look good for all my peers. I have completely abandoned the fear of damnation. I have never been more self confident and happy in my life. Why do you need to insult me by telling me you feel sorry for me?

I am free. I can look at a picture of a naked woman and completely enjoy it without feeling shame and guilt. I am now completely guilt free and it is sooooo wonderful! I realized that it is natural to be attracted to a beautiful woman and I have no shame for it whatsoever!

I understand that you consider me a lost soul. I have thrown my soul into the trash. But that is just your perspective. It is what you have been indoctrinated with, and it is what I was able to rise above. Religion exists so that the elite can overcome it and find enlightenment. You, my friend, are still trapped in a vicious, mind controlling cult. You are still trapped by the illusion that the devil is out to get your soul and only Mormonism can save you.

You believe your silly superstitions all day long. Just quit telling me you feel sorry for me.

Just another evil apostate...

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