Sunday, September 30, 2007

Holy Sacred Underwear, Batman!

Can't you just picture it? Robin, the Boy Wonder, holding up a pair of Mormon garments and saying, "Holy sacred underwear, Batman." LOL

Or here's another one, kind of unrelated. Darth Maul of Starwars, Episode I, holding a shopping bag in each hand and the caption reads, "Shopping Maul".

I crack myself up...

I wore holy Mormon underwear for 10 years. It was a memorable day when I stuffed them all into a Walmart shopping bad and tossed them into the trash. I even left the holy markings in them, just to defy the Mormon god. So far no lightning... Right now that bag of garments is rotting away in a huge pile of smelly trash in a landfill somewhere, right where they belong.

Seriously, what a joke! Does god, a being who supposedly lives on a planet millions of miles away from earth, really care what damn underwear I am wearing? The answer to that question is an obvious "no" and that settles everything.

Just another evil apostate...

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Cherish said...

I just have to join in here and express the utter exuberance I felt the day I realized I no longer had to wear those stupid, ugly underwear ever again! Especially in the heat of Arizona, UGH! I was always SOO hot and sticky and I haated them!