Sunday, September 30, 2007

If It Feels Good, It Is Good

Or so most people think.

The trademark claim of the LDS church is that it has exclusive access to the "spirit", the entity that makes the church true. The spirit is what tells you whether something is good or bad and warns you of danger. If you strictly comply with Mormonism, then the spirit will be your constant companion. If you sin, the spirit leaves you.

In spite of mountains of evidence that the church is bull shit, members remain loyal to the church because of the good feeling they have. They are told and truly believe that this good feeling is the most evidence they will ever need to know the "truth". A fool follows facts and evidence. An elite person follows the spirit.

The only problem, is describing just exactly what the spirit is. It's nothing more than a good feeling, so how do you know the difference between a "good" good feeling, and a "bad" good feeling? A good, good feeling would be something like hearing a hymn and getting that warm, fuzzy feeling. A bad, good feeling would be listening to a piece of non-church related music and getting that same warm, fuzzy feeling.

I have "felt the spirit" while watching an R-rated movie. Oops! How did that happen? Isn't an R-rated movie a huge no-no in the Mormon cult? An R-rated movie supposedly drives the spirit away, and yet there it is!

The "spirit" is, as I came to realize, nothing more than an emotional feeling. Ever since I left the church and have therefore had the spirit withdrawn from me, I have continued to do well in all the aspects of my life. The church describes losing the spirit as "having a stupor of thought." I have had no "stupors". In fact, I am more confident now than I ever was before and my mind is sharp and clear.

I would go so far as to say that being Mormon is the real "stupor". These people all running around wearing their sacred, holy underwear, paying their tithing with the false hope of being blessed beyond measure, and being swamped with commandments, expectations, and superstitious beliefs. That's the real stupor. Ever since I got out of Mormonism, my mind has never been so free or so open.

I now see the world as it really is, not through the demented eyes of a disillusioned Mormon. The Mormons think the earth is the battleground for god and satan, and that a war is constantly raging. Where? I don't see any war!

Oh, they'll tell me, "Just because you can't see it, doesn't mean it's not there." They will then point out that I have never seen the Great Pyramids of Egypt and yet I know they really are there. Well, the difference between this great battle and the pyramids is that if I wanted to go see the pyramids, I could. I can't get into an airplane and fly to heaven. Yes, there are some things that I know are there that I haven't seen, but you can't use that backward logic on me when trying to convince me that your cult is true!

If I can't see it (or see damn good evidence for it) then I'm not going to believe it. I have already pointed out that the spirit is not a very reliable way to judge the truth of something. Why believe in a fantasy fairy tale that has no scientific evidence whatsoever and only exists in the minds of brainwashed cult members!

Get the hell away from me, Spirit! I don't need you! "God" gave me a brain and I can make my own descisions. They might not always be the right decisions, but can you honestly tell me that every single righteous, spirit-bearing Mormon has never, ever made a mistake? The fact that they have and do is a testament to the falsity of the spirit and the church.

Just another evil apostate...

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