Sunday, September 30, 2007

Today Was Sunday

Today was Sunday and I sat in front of the local Mormon church building. I was there to pick up my semi-active wife. She didn't stay for the entire block of boring meetings... just sacrament. A few other people were coming out early as well.

The mere thought of ever returning to church and getting back into that life of huge demands just gives me the willies. I have no desire to listen as two years olds "bury my testimony. I know the church is twue." Eew.

The funny thing, is that I didn't lose my testimony. In fact it is stronger than it has ever been. I didn't lose it; I updated it. My testimony of the church is that it isn't true.

Church members are often told by their leaders that it is very easy to lose their testimony and guess what? They are right! So to keep from losing their testimony, they never read anti-material, keep going to church, reading, bearing their testimony as often as possible, etc. My only question is, if the church is so true, why does it take so much effort to continue believing it?

Shouldn't the truth stand on its own? If the church was so true and the male members really did have the magical power of god, then everyone would know it. Real miracles would be happening everywhere, not just the ones you read about in the Ensign.

The church isn't true. The priesthood isn't real. Tithing does nothing to bless you.

Just another evil apostate...

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