Thursday, September 27, 2007

Lying Prophet Assholes!

Every six months, the latter-day saints gather for general conference to worship Hinckley and kiss his ancient ass. Without fail, they sing, "We thank thee, oh god, for a prophet". Hinckley sits there loving every minute of it, because he knows the next day there will be a huge deposit into his bank account.

But has the man ever actually said he was a prophet?

Has the man ever admitted that he has (or hasn't) seen god?

Has the man ever made a prophesy, let alone one that came true?

In fact, has the man ever done anything prophetic at all?

I would like to see one place, anywhere, where Hinckley has said something to the effect of, "I am a prophet and a mouthpiece for god. I have seen god and he speaks to me face to face on a regular basis."

Instead, what does the prophet of fraud say? When asked by a reporter if he is a prophet, is cheesy reply is, "Everyone seems to think so. Chuckle."

When asked if god speaks to him, Hinckley answers, "Yes, I speak to him through prayer." The guy is a fucking liar and a Mormon clown.

When the giant tsunami hit, it would have been Hinckley's great opportunity to predict it. Or Hurricane Katrina, which wiped out New Orleans. But the great prophet Hinckley said nothing. Even though the Bible and Book of Mormon are full of prophets who, gasp, prophesy. Hinckley is quiet. Not one prophesy and not one straight answer.

One of my first doubts about the validity of the church was the failure of Hinckley to predict those two destructive events.

The guy is good. I mean, he does nothing prophetic AT ALL and yet has at least 4 million people completely convinced that he is a true prophet. Four million people who would bet their lives on the fraud.

Oh, sorry. I forgot. According to Dallan H. Oaks, it is wrong to criticize leaders of the LDS church, even if the criticism is true. Well, it's definitely true. And only a cult would teach you that it's wrong to criticize your "wrong" leaders.

Basically, it boils down to the LDS church leaders being arrogant, lying pricks. The money must be good in the "false prophet" industry. Maybe I'll start my own cult and for 10% of your income, I'll boss you around and make you hate yourself. Then I'll tell you that the only way to love yourself is to totally obey me and keep on paying. You may laugh, but that's exactly what the LDS church does.

Just another evil apostate...

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