Saturday, November 3, 2007

It Takes Balls To Leave The Church

People accuse us ex-mo's of taking the easy path. We just couldn't hack it; couldn't live all the commandments. So we wussed out and took the easy way.

Ha! It's anything but easy. In fact, it's harder. Sure, the burden of LDS life is gone, no argument there. But just imagine being surrounded by friends, family, and neighbors who all expect you to act a certain way and believe a certain thing.

Just imagine the rumors that go around when you refuse to give someone a priesthood blessing. Or when you are invited to a baby blessing and you refuse to stand in the circle or take the sacrament.

I have always been a person who is especially afraid of what other people think of me. And so leaving LDS, Inc. has been a tremendous challenge. It has been extremely liberating and at the same time very difficult. Just imagine telling your TBM father that you do not wish to participate in a priesthood blessing. If you are a people pleaser, like I am, that is extremely difficult. This experience has been a tremendous challenge, and therefore learning experience. I have had to overcome the fear of what other people think. I'm not completely there yet, but I am much better than I ever was before.

The easy way, my ass! The easy way would be to go back to church and conform to what everyone wants me to do. People who leave the church gain their freedom but run the risk of losing family, friends, jobs, etc.

It's funny because they believe that if you leave the church you will lose everything. When you leave the church, they shun you and then say, "See? He lost all his friends." Your intolerant TBM wife divorces you and they all say, "See? He lost his family." Your TBM boss finds out you are an apostate and he fires you. Then they all say, "See? He lost his job." Since you're now jobless and your ex-wife took the house, they all say, "See? He lost everything."

They predict that you will lose everything and then they work hard to make sure you do. When you end up broke and alone, they are all so thankful for the gospel in their lives. But ironically, if your wife is tolerant, and your friends are not TBM, it's amazing how you manage to keep your life! The Mormons take it away from you. They strip you naked and throw you in the street. Then they tell you that god is punishing you.

Fortunately, this has not happened to me. But I know people personally that it has happened to. If you leave the church, Mormons will ruin your life and then say, "See? Look what happens when you abandon the true church." Perhaps it hasn't happened yet because I have kept my apostasy fairly quiet. Most people just think I am just inactive and I would prefer that it stay that way.

The LDS church is such a fraud that I want to scream! The LDS church ruins lives, destroys personalities, and defrauds people of their time and money. It brainwashes you and puts a blind fold on you. It is a cult. It teaches it's members that they alone are the elite. They alone, have the only truth and the only power of god. According to cult experts, that is exactly what cults do. They brainwash their members into believing that they alone belong to the one organization that has the ability to save the world. And that is exactly what Mormons believe.

It's not easy to leave the church. It hasn't been easy for me and compaired to most ex-mo's, I've had it very easy. That is just sad. It really happens because the Mormons are taught to be intolerant by their holy, righteous, inspired prophet. The prophet of fraud. The clones of Joseph's myth.

Free yourself from the LDS lies and discover a whole new world!

Just another evil apostate...


Melody said...

I am surprised that no one else has replied.

I too, am in the exact same situation you are in. (Are you my twin?) In my case, it would have been easier to disappear, leave the state, and start somewhere new, than to stay where I am, married to a TBM, and close to both my parents, and my in-laws.

I am surprised I have not run across this blog earlier, but I will be reading thru the entire history of your posts.

I am hoping your courage to post these will help me find ways to convince my TBM wife of the fallacy of this cult.

Mormon411 said...

It would be totally easier to just move away and start all over.

Have your wife read, but I can tell you from years of experience that you can't change other people. You can lead the horse to water, but you can't make it drink. If someone isn't ready to leave the church, then they plain aren't going to.

I've tried for years to convince my TBM wife (soon to be ex-wife) to join me in the dark side (like Darth Vader and Luke, LOL). She won't have anything to do with it. We've had countless talks (where I do all the talking and she just sits there getting madder and madder) all to no avail.

A person has to be ready. They have to be sick and tired of all the Mormon demands. Until then, you will just be viewed as an agent of Satan who is trying to lead souls carefully down to hell.

Mormon411 said...

Oh and BTW, I hope you enjoy your reading. I've been here for three years now with over 350 posts so there is plenty to read!