Thursday, May 1, 2008

My Two Cents of the Day

Mormon doctrine teaches that anyone who has been taught the "truth" and then rejected it, like me, will not have any mercy from god and judgement day. We are worse than the heathens in the outside world because at least they are sinning in ignorance. We are openly rebelling against the true kindgom of god and it would be better for us if we were never born!

Not only that, but we "leave the church but can't leave the church alone." This is a phrase you will often hear a TBM whine. They don't understand why we can't leave the church and then just be quiet about it. Um, maybe it's because the church is a fraud and we are trying to tell the world about it. Besides, they don't leave the world alone. They send out their 50,000 missionaries to knock on doors and tell every one that their religion is wrong. I guess it's okay for them to spread their pro-Mormon propaganda but it's not okay for someone to voice their opinion against it.

That only goes to show what the world would be like if Mormons were in charge. The right to free speech would no longer exist. They claim they are all about free agency but when it comes right down to it, they believe it is okay to force a person into compliance. Take the liquor laws in Utah, for example. A drinker in Utah has to buy a membership into any bar (so the state can keep track of everyone who puts that evil, vile drink into their bodies). Then he has to drink a ton in order to get his buzz because the state limits the amount of alcohol that each drink contains.

The church claims they do not get involved in politics. BULL SHIT! The Mormon church runs the state of Utah.

Didn't Satan supposedly propose the plan whereby all would be forced to obey?

Your apostate...

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