Friday, May 2, 2008

The Fruits of Mormonism - Liars

I've talked about this many times and I would like to share a current example.

I've got a brother who smokes. I now have the belief that to each their own... if he wants to smoke, then let him smoke. The thing about it though, is that he just called me tonight to tell me that he is going to the temple to do baptisms for the dead.

Now I know that each youth who attends and participates in this sacred ceremony is interviewed by the bishop prior to the trip and each is given a temporary temple recommend. It is only valid for holy dunkings.

In order for my brother to be able to go on this trip is to lie to the bishop when asked if he obeys the word of wisdom.

It all goes back to the emperor's new clothes. If he doesn't go, then everyone will think he's done something wrong. So the only recourse is to lie about it and hope it slips past the bishop's keen sense of discernment (which it somehow always does).

Mormonism produces liars. That's just the nature of the beast. Think of a circular pattern...

1. LDS person sins but is afraid to confess the sin
2. LDS person is interviewed by the bishop
3a. LDS person confesses and is punished by the bishop and everyone knows he sinned.
3b. LDS person lies to the bishop and everyone thinks they are great and righteous.

It is a fundamental law of nature for all things, living and non-living, to take the path of least resistance. Which of the two, 3a or 3b, is the easier path to take?

4. "Gosh that was easy. I can sin again and just fib about it". (return to step 1)

Mormonism produces liars, hypocrites, and judgemental fools.

Your apostate...

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