Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Church vs. Heaven... No Thanks To Either One

Even LDS people will admit it... church is boring. At church, you're in the house of the lord which means that you must always be quiet, serious, reverent, etc.

If the LDS church house is the house of the lord, then we must assume that the way we are expected to behave in church is how we will be expected to behave in heaven.

Just imagine if you actually did make it to heaven. It would be like being in church ALL THE DAMN TIME! Do you really want that?

I sure as hell don't! I can barely stomach a couple sacrament meetings a year, let alone being stuck there permanantly! Hell no!

If an LDS church session is anything like heaven, then there is no way I want to go there. Even the LDS people can't wait to get out of church.

Hell no! Not for me! If hell is where all the cool people go, then sign me up now!

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