Monday, June 29, 2009

God Is the Believer's Fall Back

The problem with trying to converse with a believer about common sense is that they believe that god is common sense.

For example: Can a person walk on water? No. So that tells you that the story where Jesus walks on water never actually happened. However, to a believer, they see it like this: Can a person walk on water? No, unless they are god.

This is why trying to debate with a believer is pointless. They use their imaginary god to backup and justify their irrational beliefs.

Belief in god is as irrational as it can possibly be, and yet it has such a strong hold on people's minds that they can't let it go. It is easier to justify and rationalize than it is to just see the writing on the wall. For the life of me, I can't figure out why.

You see, for me, it was not like that. I believed in all those irrational things until the truth was brought to my attention. Once I was made aware of the evidence against the church and religion, I accepted it. No explaining, no rationalizing, no excuses. I looked at the facts and let them determine what I believe. Why is it not so easy for everyone? I'm stumped.

Of course, as a believer, and especially as a missionary, I felt exactly the same way when people didn't fall all over us to be baptized. I was amazed that they couldn't see how true the church was.

So religious people fall back on their irrational beliefs and justify them with their imaginary god. This makes a bond that is not easily broken. "I believe because god is real" and "god is real because I believe". How can you refute that? Even though it is horribly flawed, it's all the justification they need.

There are many blogs and websites that talk about every aspect of the church that you can imagine. While I do talk about as many of them as I can, my main focus is just plain common sense. If you use common sense, and are honest with yourself, you will see the truth. Get rid of the excuses and the justification and just see things for how they are.

Next time a believer tells me that they "believe" god is real, I'll tell them that I "believe" that they have gold in their head and I need to smash it open to get the gold out. Hey, I believe it, so that must make it true, even if science says they have a brain in their head! Science is obviously wrong, so I'll go on faith and *smash their skull open. (Hey, they're a believer, right? So they won't even miss their brain!)

* I am not actually condoning violence. This is just a sarcastic statement to make a point. I just thought I'd make it clear so that no one can accuse me of promoting hate and violence.

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