Monday, June 29, 2009

What A Fucked Up Church By A Fucked Up God

Faith: the act of believing something with no evidence.

What a dumb thing to do! Believe in something that has absolutely no proof! But that's the whole point of religion. God, for some unknown reason, wants everyone to believe in him on complete blind faith. What a stupid god!

If you were god, and you loved everyone unconditionally, wouldn't you have a slightly better method of "saving" everyone than just blind faith? And if you were god and loved everyone and wanted to save them all, why would you create Hell and thrust everyone in who didn't blindly believe?

What a goddamn stupid god! What a shallow mother fucker!

Is that seriously the best plan that this all knowing, all powerful dude can come up with? It's so pathetic that only the pathetic believe it! And if god wants us to resist the devil, why does he allow the devil to tempt us? If god really wanted us all saved, then he would just snap his fingers and make satan disappear.


If god didn't want Adam and Eve to eat the forbidden fruit, then why the fucking hell did he put the tree in their goddamn backyard and tell them not to eat it? It's like telling a three year old to NOT eat the big chocolate cake that you just placed in his crib. Hello!!!!

God is a fucking moron!

Then this genious of a god gives 10 commandments, among which is the commandment to not kill. This hypocrite of a god then tells that very same prophet he just gave the commandments to, to kill everyone who doesn't follow them.

What the royal fuck?

But it gets better. Then god tells his prophet that in order to obtain their promised land, they have to slaughter every thing that resides there... Men, women, children, animals. If any of the Israelite soldiers even takes one thing from the spoils, then he is put to death too.

Then somehow they get the Arc of the Covenant. It's this magical powerful thingy and anyone who touches it, other than the appointed priests, will die on the spot.

And god is merciful?

The entire Old Testament is full of gods bloody vengance. Then all of a sudden, god realizes what a royal fucking jerk he has been and suddenly switches over from being jealous, vengeful, and brutal, to the New Testament where he is kind, meek, and mild.

The god of the OT: slaughters children.
The god of the NT: suffer the little children.

OT: mercilessly slaughter your enemies
NT: love your enemy

OT: an eye for an eye
NT: turn the other cheek

Are we talking about the same fucking god?

So then this brilliant god establishes his church but it falls into apostasy after just a few years. The most powerful being in the universe can't even keep a church going for a few years? If he really knew everything, then he must have known it would fail. Knowing that it would fail, why did he establish it in the first place then? A lot of people suffered and died for this true church and all for what? Nothing.

If god can't even keep a church going, how in the hell could he have possibly created the universe?

If god created the universe, where did he live before that?

Why does it take god almost 2,000 years to get his act together and get the true church back? He must have been enjoying all that heavenly sex with his countless polygamous wives. All those people who lived during that time are fucked. But wait, the temple will save them!

So if all those people who lived during the time when there was no true church can be saved, then why bother restoring the church at all? If they can all be saved even though they didn't do their home teaching, pay their tithing, attend meetings, and fulfill callings, then why not just build a temple in heaven and have all your angels start the death dunking. That way you don't have to worry about invalid ordinances because of all the people who cheated during their worthiness interview!

What's up with being "temple worthy"? If I go to the temple for say, Hitler, then WTF? That was a pretty nasty dude and without any interviews at all, that murdering dictator gets to have his temple blessings done for free! That's bullshit! I had to work and sweat and slave in order to be temple worthy and this murdering fucker skips through without a sweat? Why work so hard to be righteous and worthy when you just get to go through after you die anyway?

My god, god, can't you be more stupid and hypocritical?

So, let me get this straight... in order to do someone else's temple work, I have to be worthy so that THEY can get their blessings, even if they were murdering bastards? I have to prove myself worthy (by paying my 10%) in order for a smoking, drinking, cussing, cheating, bastard to have a free ride? That's bullshit!

WTRF (What the Royal Fuck?)

If there actually is a god who put all this together, then it's the most pathetic god in existance! The murderer gets through without a sweat and the loyal believer sweats and slaves and is still not sure if he is CK bound. The murderer is forgiven without doing anything, and the believer works his ass off, only to be told that he could be doing more.

If that god is real, than I might as well be a raping murderer. Ted Bundy is more likely to get to heaven than your average TBM. That's just bullshit!


Anonymous said...

Tell me, good sir, do you find murder wrong?

If you do, then why?

Mormon411 said...

Of course murder is wrong. I believe that the only time one should take a life is in self or family defense. There really is no "why". All I can say is that all living things deserve to live. It's not my place or my right to take away their life.

Amanda said...

I completly agree with all you just said. I was dragged into the Mormon religion by my step grandmother at age 5. From age 5 to 18. I was only allowed to date
Mormon Boys.I was sent to Utah with My Step Grandmother to check out Schools.The Church asked me if I would be interested in changing my Name, If so to let my Grandmother change it to somthing she likes. She Picked Caldonia Briar. I refused. About 1 month into the school year I wanted to head Back to Indiana. A month after that I got to go back after I was nearly raped By a fellow Mormon Student.This was at age 13. I went back to Indiana. Still stayed with the Church.When I was 15 I started Dating a member of the church who was 19. We were together until I was 18 and he proposed. I said yes at first, but as soon as they showed me the ceremony gown I threw up on it. At 18 I finally was excommunicated for cheating on my Fiance with a musician who was not mormon.Drinking Dr.Pepper During A Ceremony, Showing up drunk to a Mormon kids Party with a pipe in my purse... But it took a series of these events to get me out.

I Married that Musician. I Still Drink Dr. Pepper. ( and I love it ) I drink alcohol. Go to Stripclubs... etc. My grandfather and the Step bitch got a divorce and we have excommunicatedher from our fucking lives.

Life is good.

Liv8 said...

This was the best thing I've ever read

Mormon411 said...

Glad you liked it!

Anonymous said...

God is evil incarnate. This is a twisted being who created the world as we know it for his own personal amusement.

This sick mother fucker takes great pleasure in ensuring that pain, suffering and death are the only certain outcomes in this world he created.

This sick fuck also has an big ego and makes it a conditional requirement for admission into his kingdom that we must love and worship him. This is not love. This is outright subjugation.

Even the devil pales in comparison to him. With the Devil we know that nothing good can come from any dealings with Lucifer. With this sick fuck, he misleads and deceives and tricks.

This fucker is like a small perverted child with an ant farm which he abuses our of spite...and guess who the antz are.

And the only reason this sick fuck keeps us all around is for his own personal amusement.

If there really was a loving caring God, there would be a world with no pain, no evil, no death and no sorrow. The existence of these dark elements are testimony of the grotesque existence of this cruel being, and if i ever had a chance to face him on equal foot i will make him pay for all the hurt and sorrow that has directly and indirectly arisen from his grotesque existence.



Long Ben Avery said...

Sorry man the comment above this one is spam!

Mormon411 said...

So it is! How did that get past me? Thanks, I've deleted it.