Sunday, August 23, 2009

Why Bless Your Food?

Why do people think that we have to bless our food? A typical Mormon blessing over the food usually includes the phrase, "that it may nourish our bodies and give us health and strength." Well, I got news for you, people. It isn't a miracle of god that makes your food digest. It's your body.

Do you seriously think that if you don't bless the food, that it will just sit and rot in your stomach? I hope you don't. So therefore, if the food will get digested anyway, and will give you health and strength anyway, then why bother blessing it?

You're going to try and tell me that the other reason you pray over your food is to give thanks to god for it. Did god go to work for you so that you would have money to buy food? Did god take you to the grocery store and buy the food for you? Did god provide the table and dishes on which you place your food? Did god prepare and cook it for you? No? Then why thank him? He did nothing.

Don't get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with being grateful for your food, but why don't you give credit where it is due? Thank the breadwinner and the cook. Thank the farmer and the rancher. Thank the truck drivers who transport it. Thank the grocery stores who stock it.

God, who is supposedly so powerful, actually does very little once you stop and really think about it.

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