Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Day I Made Eye Contact With An Apostle

I was at the Home Depot on 2100 S. and 300 W. in Salt Lake City. As I entered the store and approached the paint area, I made eye contact with a tall man, nicely dressed and wearing a French beret. I immediately had the impression that he looked familiar.

As I was at the Home Depot to get paint, I got inline behind this gentleman at the paint desk. Once I heard his voice, I knew exactly who he was; the person standing directly in front of me at the paint desk at Home Depot was none other than Dallan H. Oaks of the quorum of the twelve apostles! He was buying paint just like a regular person.

At first I seriously doubted that it was really him. Afterall, general authorities of that rank seldom show themselves in public. But his voice was unmistakable. He was accompanied by a man wearing a tie whom I presumed was his body guard. The body guard did not look happy at all. I would think that guarding the life of a man who has walked and talked with Jesus would be like the ultimate job. But this guy did not look happy at all. Interesting...

I realized it really was Oaks by his unmistakable voice. He was asking the person working at the paint counter different questions. I must admit that the man has a commanding presence. His voice carries much confidence and he is quite a tall man. I obviously do not respect him as a religious leader but as a man he appears self confident and very sure.

I didn't speak to him, although I would have liked to. Naturally, there are a million questions that I would like to ask a general authority but it was not the right place.

As Oaks was leaving the paint counter, some child must have recognized him. This young child ran up to him and gave him a hug. Does Oaks really like children, or did he hug the child because he knew people were watching? I am sure that many people in the store recognized him. But other than the child, at least that I saw, no one made any attempt to approach him.

Dallan H. Oaks, if you ever read this post, please e-mail me. I know you're busy and certainly don't have time to entertain an apostate like me. But if you happen to, it would be appreciated.

Let's chat. I've got a lot of questions for you.



Jenny said...

I'm sorry, but having stumbled upon this blog post I am a little confused. So you saw Dallin H. Oaks at a paint store and are critical of him for... what? For the expression of the man who may or may not have been his bodyguard? For hugging a little kid? Sounds like someone is looking for something, ANYTHING to criticize about the Mormons.

Mormon411 said...

There is nothing wrong with a celebrity buying paint. When I wrote the post, I was just telling a story about what I observed that day.

I am critical of the man, and any man who indirectly claims to have seen Jesus Christ but won't actually admit it because it's "too sacred". Give me a break!

I'm not critical of him for buying paint. I'm critical of him because he has no problem lying to and deceiving millions of people and conning them out of their time, talents, and financial resources.

I'm cricital of him because he leads an organization that clearly covers up it's shady history and lies to it's members about the past.

It looks like you're the one who is looking for something to criticize.