Sunday, November 29, 2009

Honda Dealers and Mormonism

Missionaries, when trying to convince their investigators to only read pro-Mormon sources, often use the following analogy:

Would you go to a Honda dealer to learn about Ford? Would you go to a Chevy dealer to learn about Dodge? No. If you want to learn about Honda, go to a Honda dealer.

Their point is that if you want to learn about the Mormons, go to the Mormons.

But let's think this through a little more carefully...

If you go to a Ford dealer, that dealer wants to make the sale. Therefore, he is going to tell you everything great about the Ford and everything bad about the Honda. If the Ford has flaws, and even if he knows about them, he is going to withhold that information from you. Why? He wants to make the sale!


I think it's a great idea to learn about Ford from a Honda dealer. Learn about Chevy from a Dodge dealer. That way, even if their opinions are biased (which they most certainly will be) at least you will be getting two different perspectives.

You would be an utter fool to go to a Honda dealer, learn everything you can about Honda from him, and make the purchase without any other research. The information he will give you will be biased because he wants to make the sale. He doesn't care about you or your car... He just wants the commission.

So don't take the advise of LDS missionaries. Learn about Mormonism from every source you can get your hands on.

In fact, who would be the best person to ask about Honda? A former Honda owner.

Who is the best person to ask about Mormonism? A former Mormon.

LDS, Inc. just wants the sale! They don't care about you or your car.


Anonymous said...

"In fact, who would be the best person to ask about Honda? A former Honda owner."


a CURRENT Honda owner...

Mormon411 said...

Yes, also a current Honda owner. I had in mind (and it looks like I expressed it poorly) a former Honda owner because he/she had owned other types of vehicles as well and could give an honest evaluation based upon having driven several.

If Honda is the ONLY car that the current owner is driving, then I would still want to seek another opinion.

Thanks for clarifying

Anonymous said...

the only owner of anything i would ask would be an successful one. not a failure. or dropout or careless etc...quote i do not know of any member of the church of jesus christ of latterday saints who is (sincerely) living the gospel who is unhappy. this is a fact.


Mormon411 said...

A fact? You need to be careful when claiming that something is a fact. It is only a fact when it has been absolutely shown to be true. Have you asked every single Mormon in the world if they are happy? If not, then you can't claim that it's a fact.

If all Mormons are happy, as you claim, then why does Utah lead the nation in Prozak consumption (an anti-depressant drug)?