Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Blissful Lie Vs. The Uncomfortable Truth

Maybe I've said this before, but the problem with trying to reason with a religious person and show them that their belief system has no evidence has no effect because they agree with you...

Religion IS all about faith. It's not supposed to have evidence. By blindly believing in something that has no proof, you are taking the high road and god will be really happy with you.

To them, it's noble to believe. To me, it's just plain insane.

Why would god, who supposedly created the universe, require his followers to believe in fairy tales in order to be saved? If god created the world, then he created science.

Think about it. If Mormons are going to be gods someday, then why do they oppose science? They will need a thorough understanding of science if they are going to be creating their own worlds, right? But the Mormon god just wants a bunch of gullible suckers who believe any story some charismatic dude tells them.

For crying out loud, folks! Do you seriously believe in a god who will only reward those who believe in fairy tales and nonsense? Do you seriously believe that this all-merciful god is going to damn everyone who uses their brains? Your god wants all of his followers to be mindless zombies.

The Bible has stories about talking animals. Come on! Use your brain. Do animals talk? Since we know they don't, then the Bible is false. It's that simple.

I'm not trying to convince anyone of anything except to just use your brain. In religion, using your brain and "intellectualizing" is viewed as evil. Shouldn't that be a huge red flag? God doesn't want you to think? If god has all the attributes that they claim he does, then would he really damn you just for thinking?

Religion is a prison. And while some are happy and comfortable, it is still a prison. It's not a prison of the body, but of the mind. In all truthfulness, I don't know which is worse.

Religion is just a way to control people and exploit them of their time and money. There is no god. There is no Jesus. It's all just a myth. Religion gives answers to the questions we don't understand, but is a lie any better than just admitting that "we don't know"?

Religion provides a comforting lie; atheism gives the uncomfortable truth.

I have actually had believers tell me that they would rather live the comfortable lie. If it is a lie, they don't want to know. They want to die believing that the moon is made of cheese. I can't do that. While the truth sometimes hurts, I would rather have it any day than live in mental bondage.

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