Thursday, January 21, 2010

Greg the Coward of SPAMLDS

Once again, Greg West of SPAMLDS is up to his usual pro-mormon tactics....

He has just replied to a blogger who has wickedly "intellictualized" himself out of the church. Greg gives no link or any other type of identifier as to who this mystery blogger is.

2. Encourage your investigators to ONLY hear your side. Discourage them from reading or asking any outside sources. Make sure that they only hear your biased version of things.

And, as usual, is hiding behind the thick and safe walls of SPAMLDS where he can censor comments and make sure that no "anti-Mormon" material breaches those walls.

5. Sensor! If you have a pro-Mormon website, only allow comments to be posted that agree with you.

How come you didn't provide a link, Greg? I know your thinking... why provide the link when it will just expose more Mormons to anti-Mormon lies. Right?

1. Just tell the stuff that sounds good. If anything is negative, make sure you hide it. This is known as the "milk before meat" principle; just never share the meat.

Here is the link to Greg's response. I'm going to reply to some of it here since I obviously can't over there:

He starts out by stating outright that ALL anti-Mormon claims are purposefully written to be deceiving. Greg, maybe they're actually written to expose REAL Mormon history.

Near the end, he accuses this blogger of being narrow-minded. Yes, Greg, it takes a narrow minded person to examine the evidence and then have the balls to admit that his belief system was wrong.

This person blogs his change of religion and, like the wolf you are, you are right there to tear him apart as soon as he walks out of the Mormon gate. Can you feel the Christ-like love here?

I propose that a true narrow-minded person is one who defends his position at all costs, in spite of mountains of evidence to the contrary. You are not only narrow-minded, Greg, you're a know-it-all dickhead who isn't happy unless you can find some ex-Mormon to thrash on behind the safe walls of your SPAM fortress.

Why not provide the link to this blogger? Why not allow him to defend himself while you trash him on your site? Greg, you're nothing but a coward who is hurdling stones from the safety of your lair...

According to Greg, the definition of someone who is narrow-minded: anyone who doesn't use my methods to arrive at my conclusions.

In case you can't tell, I really despise that condescending jerk!


Stephanie said...

I just found your blog today and noticed your bad encounter with this blogger. Unfortunately you are not the only one to have this experience. I learned about his website about 6 months ago when he came over to our blog and labeled it "anti-Mormon." He then proceeded to write a long "expose" on his own blog of our website. He doesn't just pick on ex-Mormons. :)

His blog actually frightens me a little. I read a comment by one blogger who threatened to take an "anti-Mormon" out to the desert and beat him up. Maybe it was a joke, but who jokes about stuff like that? The general tone of their blog is so un-Christian that I wonder how we can both claim to be followers of the same Christ!

My commiserations are with you for your negative encounter! I'm glad I found your blog, I love seeing what is going on in the ex-Mormon community.


Mormon411 said...

Anyone who doesn't strictly agree with Mormonism is an anti-Mormon according to Greg. And if you are an anti-Mormon, then he will bash you and thrash you without ever giving you a chance to defend yourself.

Mormonism scares me. It is FACT that the early church exercised the blood atonement, which basically meant that the leaders could kill anyone they wanted in the name of god. If you were not a member, they could kill you for "opposing" the truth, and if you were a member they could kill you for all sorts of offenses like, apostasy, adultry, lying, stealing, etc. (pretty much anything).

Keep up the good work Stephanie. Greg is a jerk and a coward who hurdles insults and then hides behind the thick walls of SPAMLDS.