Monday, March 1, 2010

TBM Blogger Admits There Are Questionable Moments In Church History

The author of has written an article for those who have lost faith and are inactive. He talks about reasons why people lose their testimonies and then makes an effort to convince his reader that they should come back.

Read the entire article here:

Are you an Inactive Member of the Church? Come Back!

According to this article, one of the reasons people lose their faith is because they ""discover" aspects of Mormon history that shake their faith, especially when that history is presented through a tainted anti-Mormon lens." Why did this author put the word "discover" in quotation marks? It sounds like he's implying that it's common knowledge about these questionable moments in LDS history.

He then states that there are two sides to every story and refers his readers to the clowns at FAMRS and FAIR. Not a good idea. I've read stories about people who have gone there for help and end up having their testimonies torn to shreds. LOL

So, if there are questionable moments in church history, why does the church ignore them and keep the common member in the dark about them. Only when you "discover" these things on your own, does the church then recommend their unofficial apologetics department.

Doesn't that seem like an extremely dishonest tactic? The church is basically admitting that there are problems but are trying to do everything they can to keep their members from hearing about them. If/when they do hear about them, they refer you to FARMS and FAIR.

Dishonest, unethical, shameful, and disgusting!

Ok, now the other thing about this quote that I need to elaborate on is the comment about "tainted anti-Mormon lens". I'm sorry, Mr. Author, but there is no other place to learn about these things. The LDS church is actively engaged in hiding and suppressing these stories, so the only ones being HONEST about the past are the "anti-Mormons".

Is there any other version of these stories besides anti-Mormon? No, because the church would rather sit on the truth than just come clean about it. So, of course you're going to only hear about these things from an anti-Mormon. The LDS church is busy covering up their questionable history. They would do anything to make sure that the world never found out about them.

If they were to do the right thing, and come clean about their past, some faithful members would leave. But at least they would have finally had the balls and the integrity to do the right thing. Seeing the LDS churches history of 180 years of lying and deceit, I can see no reason why they would suddenly change now and start telling the truth.

"We believe in being honest..."

Fucking liars!

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