Thursday, April 7, 2011

The 101 Mormon Commandments

I'm always stating (sarcastically) that Mormonism has 101 (or maybe more like 1001) commandments that must be obeyed to get into heaven. I decided that I would sit down and see if I can't actually come up with 101 different demands and expectations that Mormonism so kindly provides for it's members. This does not include beliefs, but only "to do" or "not to do". So without further adu, here goes:

1. Pay a full tithing
2. Do your home teaching or visiting teaching
3. Go to church every sunday
4. Fulfill your callings
5. Read the scriptures, especially the Book of Mormon
6. Pray morning, noon, and night; personal and family
7a. Boys, serve a mission
7b. Girls, only date and marry returned missionaries
8. No dating until 16 years old
9. Do baptisms for the dead
10. Get your own testimony
11. Share the gospel with everyone
12. No sex before marriage
13. Get married in the temple
14. Sustain the leaders
15. Aaronic priesthood for the young men
16. Repent for anything you have done wrong
17. Take the sacrament each week
18. Leave your little factory alone
19. Be an example
20. Do geneology and family history
21. Do temple work for your dead relatives
22. Keep a journal
23. Have as many kids as you possibly can
24. No smoking
25. No drinking alcohol
26. No swearing
27. No hot drinks (with the exception of hot chocolate)
28. No tea (even if it isn't hot)
29. No caffeine (even though it isn't in the WoW)
30. Obey the laws of the land
31. Follow the prophet
32. Watch 10 hours of General Conference twice a year
33. Always be worthy so the spirit will guide you
34. Follow the spirit
35. Never turn down a calling
36. Melchizedek priesthood for men
37. Keep your thoughts clean
38. Dress modestly
39. Get your own endowments
40. Wear garments day and night
41a. Girls, no double earrings
41b. Boys, no earrings at all
42. No tattoos
43. Go to BYU
44. Don't ask a general authority if he has seen god
45. Don't question anything
46. Unconditional obedience
47. No loud laughter
48. No evil speaking of the lords annointed (even if they deserve it)
49. Never reveal your "new name"
50. Attend all your meetings
51. Have family home evening (FHE)
52. Read only church approved material
53. Don't watch "R" rated movies
54. Porn in any form is not allowed
55. Don't associate with people who are against the church
56. Don't steal
57. Don't kill (unless commanded otherwise by god)
58. Have the missionaries over for dinner
59. Go to early morning seminary
60. If you're a college student, attend institute
61. Covenant to give everything to the church, if they ask
62. Clean your local ward meeting house
63. Mark your scriptures
64. Never leave your garments on the floor
65. "Know" it's true; believing isn't good enough
66. Be perfect
67. No necking/petting with your boyfriend/girlfriend
68. Your body is a temple; treat it as such
69. Have a current temple recommend
70. Interviews with the bishop
71. Interviews with the stake president
72. PPIs (personal priesthood interviews)
73. Be honest
74. Women are to be stay-at-home mothers
75. Give/receive blessings
76. No oral sex, even with your spouse
77. Don't be gay
78. Share your testimony on fast sunday
79. Fast on fast sunday
80. Donate to several church funds
81. Volunteer at D.I. or the bishop's store house
82. Put names on the "prayer list" in the temple
83. Wear your CTR ring
84. Memorize the 13 Articles of Faith
85. Boys, become an Eagle Scout
86. Endure to the end
87. Get baptized when you're 8 years old
88. Receive the holy ghost
89. Get your patriarchal blessing
90. Only listen to uplifting music
91. Join your ward choir
92. Subscribe to the Ensign and other church magazines
93. Buy and read books written by Apostles
94. Seek for personal inspiration
95. Be humble
96. No talking about what happens in the temple
97. Write to a missionary
98. Give talks in sacrament meeting
99. Youth, attend YM and YW activities
100. Attend ward parties
101. Do all of the above with a pure heart and real intent

Wow! I didn't think I would actually come up with 101 different expectations. No wonder I felt overwhelmed!

Can anyone think of more?


Andy said...

That was a great list. I'm not a Mormon, but have done some reading on the mythology, and you have provided some points that I can research (in order to make jokes, of course).

Faith said...

Just reading your list exhausted me. Imagine how rough it was when I was trying to do all of these things (well, the ones for women, anyway) and feeling like I could never measure up and why bother trying because obviously I wasn't going to make it anyway.

Exhalted Outcast said...

Hey don't forget: "The Bishop's daughter is perfect, deflowering her (she was previously deflowered by someone else) will get you excommunicated, but get her a calling in Young Womens.


103: Assume that anytime someone questions your beliefs, they are Anti-Mormon and are just attacking you!

104: All naysayers are apostates and should be treated as such.

105: Pay your tithing over your mortgage or your bishop will yank your recommend.

Heather B said...

Women should be SAHM's and should not consider working.

Believe in the creation, evolution is just silliness.

No flip flops.

No shorts to mutual.

Men should marry asap after a mission.

Never question authority.

~maybe you had these already in your very accurate list. It made me tired and I felt anxious just remembering I was failing terribly. I am soooooo glad I'm out.~

Jettboy said...

I still don't understand why you believe there are over 100 "commandments" in Mormonism, because there isn't. They are no more than the Bible and Jesus expects us to follow.

Mormon411 said...

A fellow who calls himself Jettboy left a comment. For some reason, blogger has blocked him. I'm not sure why, so I have reposted his comment.

He said:

"I still don't understand why you believe there are over 100 "commandments" in Mormonism, because there isn't. They are no more than the Bible and Jesus expects us to follow."

My response:

Jettboy, At the beginning of this post, I stated clearly that I sarcastically call them the 101 commandments. I know that they are not actual commandments, but you know as well as I do that every single item on this list is expected of the members. Are there any items on this list that you are refuting? Show me. If I'm wrong, I'll remove them.

Andy, if you have any questions about particulars, I'll be happy to answer any questions.

Faith, you said it. I think that they overwhelm their members on purpose to make sure that everyone has that inadequate feeling. That will keep them inline.

Outcast, I've never deflowered a bishops daughter, but looking forward to it! LOL.

Heather, thank you. Women are strongly encouraged to be stay-at-home-mothers. I completely forgot about that one.

To everyone, if you're exhausted by just reading this list, imagine having to do it for your entire life. No breaks. Constant pressure.

Makes me shudder

Child of God said...

Well that is a whole bunch of rules and regulations!! How can anyone keep that?

Religion, is just that. Rules, rules and then more rules.

Christianity, on the other hand, is a relationship with Jesus Christ being subjected to Him and Him alone with only two rules to follow.
1. Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul, and with all your mind and with all your strength.
2. Love your neighbour as yourself.

Simple and really easy to follow. No mounds of rules that Mormonism or any other religion throws at you. Christianity is freedom in Christ Jesus.

Clean, simple and very easy to do.


Webmaster said...

Good List! Reminds me of all of the things I had a hard time with after converting.

To: Child of God
There is a LOT more to Christianity than just those two. If that was the case, the Bible would be a VERY short book indeed.

Mormon411 said...

Child of God, from the way you are talking, it sounds like you believe there is a difference between "religion" and "Christianity". Have I understood you right?

If so, are you saying that Christianity is not religion? Then what is it?

Child of God said...

Christianity is a relationship not a religion. In a relationship there is freedom, friendship, give and take. It is also called a marriage.

@Mormon 411,
That is why it is such a stumbling block to most people; it is simple. The Bible is not a book full of rules and regulations but it is a History of the Jewish people and the story of Jesus Christ. Jesus Himself said in Matthew 22:38-40
37 Jesus replied: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’38 This is the first and greatest commandment. 39 And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ 40 All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.”

If you notice in verse 40 Jesus says "All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments".

Have you ever read the Bible? You might be interested in picking one up and read John, it is in the New Testament the last Gospel.


janet h said...

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Mormon411 said...


Hey douchebag, stop posting your spam on my website. I've already deleted your crap once. It is people like you that require me to moderate comments and I really don't want to do that.

Everyone, please visit this guys blog and flag it as inappropriate. Click on the "Report Abuse" link at the top of his page and report it as spam.

Mormon411 said...

Child of God:

How can it be a relationship if there is only one person involved? You can't honestly tell me that you're on a one-on-one with Jesus. And since I'm pretty sure that you've never seen him, spoken with him, or otherwise interacted with him in any way, it really makes you look delusional, no offense intended.

I have never read the Bible cover to cover. I tried once (back when I was a believer) but was quickly bored to tears.


I have replaced #74 with your suggestion. 74 was originally "Be loyal to your spouse" which is kind of a given in any marriage, not just Mormonism.

EriK said...

>>>>How can it be a relationship if there is only one person involved?

It can't. That's why you have to respond. God can't carry on a relationship with you all by Himself.


Mormon411 said...

Very clever, EriK,

If you would just soften your heart, you would see that the true source of goodness and righteousness comes from my god, the Flying Spaghetti Monster, which I openly admit has no proof of existance but I know he's there anyway. And I know that if you just talk to him, he'll answer you and bless you and save you. I know he was consumed for me.

Emily said...

I love the commandments! Though, they are not truly commandments, more like guidelines:) They will benefit me:) Some of them are ha ha, a little out there:) Like, 'Go to BYU" hahaha:) That's a good one! I am a stark member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, but I don't go to BYU:) Thanks for sharing! It makes me realize how far I've come and all the things that I accomplish everyday. I love being a 'Mormon'! Love, A True Loved Daughter of God:)

Cora said...

These might sound bitter but that's because I am, a little:

Paste a smiley on your face. (Don't mention the Prozac.)

Display Jesus in Gethsemane over the mantle. You know the one.

Wear thigh-length T-shirts over one piece swimsuits. Board shorts optional.

Assault friends and strangers with The Golden Question. Their eternal salvation is in your hands.

If Bishop ( via God ) calls you to be pianist, say yes. Figure out how later.

Stash 3 mos of bad food and a ham radio under the beds.

#78, part 2-- Be alert to happy coincidences. That's God, ignoring the 9 yr old starving rebel-orphans in Darfur, to get that utility refund in your mailbox.

Don't read non-Deseret published doctrinal material; it's anti-Mormon. (Even if it's from Purdue. Especially if it's from Berkeley)

If you failed to earn your Eagle or to go on a mission; have a really, really good story ready. At all times.

Bishop eulogizes all dead Mormons.

No drums or brass in the chapel.

Single? Join the race to see which Mormon couple can go from "Just Met" to "Just (temple) Married" fastest. Bonus points for RM's

ThatOneGirl said...

ok so there's a lot of really good points made on here. I agree that mormonism is...a little off kilter, to say the least. I'm a baptist. We teach the bible as it was written. And no, not all baptists go and protest military funerals. we don't force stuff down peoples' throats either, by going door to door doing "missions." our idea of a mission is going out of the country or going to a poor part of the country and helping. a mission does not always involve sharing the gospel at every second of the day and night. it is merely showing God's love to the community through our service and kindness. Who cares if our labor is recognized?! It doesn't matter! Nothing is required and we have no guidelines. I don't understand why anyone could think that this incredible loving God we have would have such a leash on us as if we were dogs! We should follow his commands, but we don't HAVE to. He gives us the option to follow him or not. We have the choice.

Cora said...

@Thatonegirl - I don't think you've been properly introduced to God and his Book of Instructions. Let me do the honors:

Those choices are obvi Biblical but whatever intuition you have that they're evil does not. It comes from your natural humanity and intelligence.

(Not sure how to post proper link here...)

Roma loe Jones said...

As a member of the LDS church I find your list quite amusing. a lot of those things we do do. yes we go to church, no we dont have pre-marital sex, and boys do serve missions. but everything that we do is by CHOICE, not force. we pay our tithing by CHOICE, we go to church because we WANT to.
A lot of those things arnt commandments,such as; 74. Women are to be stay-at-home mothers or Read only church approved material.
We do question authority. (Well at least i do) and its something i do quite often. We are not haters of any religion and do not "shun" others who are not part of the mormon church. Their are individuals who by their own personal opinion and choice choose to be cruel to those of different opinions and not associate with them. But i can assure you that those are not what we are taught in church.
I do appreciate this post, it is interesting to see how others view us.

Mormon411 said...

Roma, thank you. I wish more Mormons were like you. Many of them just judge me and condemn ex-Mormons to outer darkness.

If this post made it look like Mormons are forced to do all these things, they are not. It is a choice, but often, there is a lot of pressure involved.

And yes, shunning is not taught in church but it does happen all too often.

lovemaltipoo said...

no oral sex?!?! why? That is the best part of sex. :)

maverik250 said...

The most important commandments are to love one another, to be baptized, and to repent on a regular basis so we can relieve ourselves of guilt and feel God's peace in our lives. Imagine living a life without repentance, but full of guilt. I've seen people like that, and it's sad because they look broken. Imagine a life full of God's forgiveness. I've seen that too, and it is truly empowering. They look alive, strong, and beaming with happiness.

Eileen said...

You forgot:
Have a year's supply of food storage and gasoline,
Grow a garden (you don't hear this much anymore, but it was a big deal about 20 years ago,)
Feed the missionaries,
Go on splits with the missionaries.
Can't remember if you said:
Fast on Fast Sundays,
Contribute 2 meals worth of money to fast offerings

Eileen said...

Oh, and have a 72-hour kit for each member of your family.
Also a year's worth of water.

Adam Pennington said...

First, I have to admit to being an avid follower of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saint. As such I feel a personal responsibility to comment. It's a good list. Not 100% correct by I had a good laugh out of it. #43 although recommend by many LDS parents (especially in Utah) not a commandment. #44 feel free to ask our prophet if he has seen God. #45 Question everything-- otherwise you are obeying in ignorance. #46 of course you should strive to be perfect, since no one but Christ is we are expected to go to church every Sunday. #63 lol ---While this list isn't perfect, it's pretty good, and funny. Like wear your CTR ring lol. Keep up the good work :)

Mormon411 said...


No, going to BYU is not a "commandment" but we all know that it is highly encouraged. If you read my recent post about "Christmas With the Mormons", then you know about a family member who was calling his own child "rebellious" for wearing a "U" shirt.

#44: I heard many stories about people asking prophets if they have seen god. These stories are used to put the asker down, claiming that they wouldn't have had to ask if they had a true testimony.

#45: What! When have you ever been taught that you should question everything??? "Obeying in ignorance" is exactly what they want from you!

#46: Yes, be perfect. Give them an unattainable goal so that they will always feel unworthy. This will keep them humble and their spirits broken. Then you can continue to manipulate them out of their time, money, and talents.

#63: I heard, in Sunday School, many times, that the true studier of the scriptures marks them. While I was rebellious and never saw the point in marking them, I could look around and see people going at it like children on a coloring book!

You can buy CTR rings in gold and silver from any LDS bookstore. They even hand out little cheap ones in church. Why is wearing them important?

While "CTR" technically stands for "Choose The Right", what it really means is "Conform To Rules". (I just came up with that on the spot, lol). Having a visual and visceral reminder will keep people from doing #45. This outward statement puts them in the spotlight. It ensures that they know they are being seen by the world and will therefore be on their best behavior.

You know what they say... If you don't want Mormons to drink your beer, just invite two of them. Sadly, this is true. Mormons do not usually act rebellious where they can be seen. It is done in private where no one can see.

This leads to lies and living a double life. They masturbate to porn behind locked doors and then openly denounce it. They obey all the commandments that can be seen, like paying tithing, but break the commandments that can't be seen, like having sex. Getting through interviews is easy enough.. just lie. The Mormon lifestyle is to lie. To fake it 'til you make it. It doesn't matter how your life is going as long as everyone THINKS you are righteous. Appearance is everything.

So yes, while some of these items are not direct commandments, they are all expected. There is nothing I have put on this list that Mormons are not expected to do.

You know what I am talking about. I am simply the child in the crowd who is saying, "but he has no clothes on!"

I am simply calling out the BS, while you are the wise man who insists that he can see the Emperor's beautiful new clothes.

It's all for appearance. It's all for conformity and control. You are it's victim and yet you are defending it.

Kristina said...

D. Todd Christofferson said this;
Sadly, much of modern Christianity does not acknowledge that God makes any real demands on those who believe in Him, seeing Him rather as a butler “who meets their needs when summoned” or a therapist whose role is to help people “feel good about themselves.” It is a religious outlook that “makes no pretense at changing lives.” “By contrast,” as one author declares, “the God portrayed in both the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures asks, not just for commitment, but for our very lives. The God of the Bible traffics in life and death, not niceness, and calls for sacrificial love, not benign whatever-ism.”

Valerie Braun said...

Your definition of "commandment" is greatly exaggerated.

Kristen said...

just wanted to clear something up about one of the things on the list. not sure why you put no oral sex with your spouse because, I and my wife enjoy that part of intimacy. I know for a fact, because I am mormon that you can pretty much do anything you want with your spouse if they and you are comfortable with it. so I hope that clears things up. chears

Trisa said...

All commandments are given to us are to keep us safe, keep us close to the spirit and our Savior and to give us more freedom. I am keeping the most important commandment by loving God with all of my heart. If I am doing that along with all of my questioning and searching, then I will never go wrong and I will always be forgiven. This post shows complete ignorance in the theology of Mormonism. You may have been baptized, but you know nothing about my faith.

Mormon411 said...

I know nothing about your faith?

Is there one single item on this list that is incorrect? I think not, because I was a die-hard, believing member of "your faith" for 30 years. Seriously, show me any that are inaccurate and I will remove them.

I more recently wrote a post on exactly what you mentioned, how keeping the commandments is really not freedom. I'm sure you won't agree, and that's ok. You probably won't ever even read this reply to your comment.

Christina Rojas said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Christina Rojas said...

I read the 101 "guidelines" the only one I didn't get was the laughing out loud. It's that true? Reading them I become overwhelmed with reminders of my life a year ago. I was born in the lds church. My whole life I have never felt worthy. Everything I did our wanted to do was wrong. When I started my family ( at 25) I stressed out more then ever about being a good example for my children. I would be sick to my stomach, depressed and feeling unworthy. I tried really hard I did. But its just not for me. I couldn't do it. I realize that we are living to follow all these rules, so when we are dead we will be happy together as a family. We aren't living now with our family. How does that make sense? So i decided that i wasn't going to raise my children with that stress of obligations. And you know what? Technically, i am a better Mormon now then when i was trying. I follow the way of Buddha. I wouldn't say i am a Buddhist. Just follow his way. For the first time in my life i don't wish i was dead. I have been so happy this year i can't wait to see what the rest of my life has in store for me. My siblings are still Mormon and i tell them if out makes you happy, i am happy for them. Just as long as you feel like you are living the way that makes you happy and is virtuous, you good. I am reading some comments of active Mormons and a lot of them are pretty hostile. And I believe there lies a piece of the problem. Anyone that has felt bad in the church or wasn't happy or has questions, members get aggressive hostile. Start gossiping(which is one you forgot) and then your life is truly screwed. What's so wrong with being happy somewhere other then the church of Jesus Christ of later day saints. Oh I forgot to mention. I live in Utah....

Unknown said...

Hello everyone I am new to this I am in the process of being baptised and I need a little help on the 10 commandments so far I know 1) thou shall not worshit any images 2) thou shall not bow down to any images 3) thou shall not use the name of the lord in vein 4) honor your father and mother 5) thou shall not kill 6) thou shall not steal I am missing the other 4 commandments if anyone can help me out please

Scott said...

I just want to make sure people don't get too false of an opinion. Most of what is listed is, "if you desire to do so," like feeding missionaries, cleaning church, bearing testimony, etc.

7b. Girls, only date and marry returned missionaries - This is culture that has nothing to do with the church.

11. Share the gospel with everyone - We should go by the spirit when sharing the gospel.

23. Have as many kids as you possibly can - No, this is a decision between spouses and God.

27. No hot drinks (with the exception of hot chocolate)
28. No tea (even if it isn't hot) - Actually any tea derived from the tea leaf (black, green, etc.), we are allowed to have herbal tea.

29. No caffeine (even though it isn't in the WoW) - Another Utah culture. If you think not drinking caffeine is healthy for you, you can go ahead, but it is not taught nor encouraged.

43. Go to BYU - Lol, no, nobody encourages members to go to BYU, though it is a very affordable school.

45. Don't question anything
46. Unconditional obedience - Goes against our core doctrine and 10. Get your own testimony. The whole foudnation of Mormonism is questioning doctrine and through study and heartfelt prayer finding answers.

48. No evil speaking of the lords annointed (even if they deserve it) - I'd just caution, since God's ways are not our ways, if we think something is foolish it could bite us in the end.

52. Read only church approved material - From our scriptures we read, "seek ye out of the best books words of wisdom; seek learning, even by study and also by faith." We seek to obtain knowledge of all areas of study.

55. Don't associate with people who are against the church - Lol, this would be very difficult if true. I have many friends who do not agree with my beliefs.

65. "Know" it's true; believing isn't good enough - Again, not true, we are all sinner and are in different places in life. The book of Mormon reads, "yea, even if ye can no more than desire to believe, let this desire work in you, even until ye believe in a manner that ye can give place for a portion of my words."

66. Be perfect - Christ said this in the Bible, you'll have to fight Christianity on this one. Also, this is a long process, not a "today" thing.

74. Women are to be stay-at-home mothers - We are taught that the ideal situation for children is to have a stay at home mother, though circumstances may change that. No working mothers should be chastised (add that to your list! :)

76. No oral sex, even with your spouse - Not taught.

96. No talking about what happens in the temple - Many things can be talked about, though some things are sacred.

Not meant to offend or fight, just wanted to clarify for those that may take some of these too literally. Feel free to comment or ask questions! <3 -ActiveMormon

Trevor Adams said...

First off, kudos to making an entertaining and somewhat accurate list of the expectations many members of the Church hold themselves to (though obviously, as noted above, several on the list are greatly exaggerated or simply untrue). I wanted to comment as a believing Latter-day Saint on the idea of commandments, though, and why we have them. Many may take issue with your characterization that everything we are counseled, challenged, or feel obligated to do are commandments. Surely there is a distinction given to things the Lord has drawn a line so clearly on that they are included as baptismal requirements or considerations for temple worthiness, or were included among the Ten Commandments, for instance. Oftentimes when people speak in black and white terms about keeping "the commandments", those are the things they are speaking of. Generally, those are matters which are clearly spelled out and considered the basic essential expectation of Church members, the breaking of which is an indicator of real spiritual trouble.

On the other hand, the Lord does and has used the term "commandments" very liberally throughout the scriptures/His revealed words, both ancient and modern, to denote anything He has asked of His people. By some interpretations, one could even characterize the entirety of the scriptures themselves as the commandments. For, the Lord has said that "out of the books which shall be written shall the world be judged". The Book of Mormon is also described as the "New and Everlasting Covenant", and the word "testament", as in "Old Testament"/"New Testament", can also be translated as "covenant".

There are few examples more clear than the Sermon on the Mount of the standard to which the Lord truly holds our hearts, where the Savior taught with great plainness just how much is truly expected of us, culminating with the injunction to "Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect."

As members of the Church we are admonished to search the scriptures, to repent daily, to absorb the teachings of Christ, to have our feet planted on the sod of the Gospel, to turn our hearts to Him and to constantly be on the path to growth and progress. Ultimately, it is through the grace and gift of Christ that we are saved, but essential to our salvation is living our lives meaningfully and sincerely having faith in and following the Savior, which includes action, keeping His commandments and follow His teachings.

To the individual who has been spiritually suffering for one reason or another, the realization of what is expected of him or her and the knowledge of all the Lord has asked of his people throughout history, and currently asks of us through modern prophets and priesthood leaders, can seem overwhelmingly daunting. How can we possibly accomplish all the things--or even remember all the things--that the Lord would expect us to do?

The process is called conversion. If we were perfect, we would have no need for commandments, nor for our Savior. But as we are not yet perfect, we need our Savior, as well as His commandments (including prophetic counsel and scriptural injunctions), so that we may become even as He is. If your approach to this is to feel constantly overwhelmed as though he has asked the impossible of you and is giving you an infinite list of arbitrary rules that you feel you can never perfectly juggle, you are doing it wrong and listening to the wrong voices.

Trevor Adams said...

By having faith in Christ, we can progress in this life and be transformed into something beyond what we realized we had the potential to become. As we truly turn our heart to Him, as we welcome His Spirit into our lives and allow the light of Christ to more fully abound in our souls, our faith in Him grows, and we begin to become something greater than ourselves. Our hearts become knit together with the Savior, with the will of our Father in Heaven, and with one another. We begin to become the type of beings He desires us to be. When then don't endeavor to come up with absurd lists of anything and everything He or a priesthood leader has asked us to do or may expect us to do in every possible situation, but instead these things become who we are because our hearts are converted to his gospel. That's the essence of spiritual learning. Rather than feeling constantly trapped in a state of unworthiness with counsel feeling like a stinging reminder of our incapability to do rightly, we abound in the love of and faith in Christ, and take counsel with an open heart and desire to be corrected and welcome more light into our lives. We seek to improve our shortcomings and, in the meantime, trust in the promise of the Savior that He is able to save us from our sins and lift us through our weaknesses.

Have a blessed evening,


Unknown said...

While many of these are standards the LDS church prefers its members to follow some of them are nonsense. I've grown up in Utah my whole life and not once have I heard that caffeine is a no. I also have never been told to go to BYU (excluding my best friend who simply wanted to attend the same collage as me). And #61 and 66? Really? No one is perfect and the LDS church is perfectly aware of that. I don't know where you got some of these and I would love to see some sources.

Eric said...

This is a great list. Many who are claiming that these things are untrue or exaggerated are wrong. Some of them are not directly taught by the church and come from the culture, but you still get ostracized by ward members, family, and friends all the same when you don't conform. That's just how Mormon culture is. They teach not to judge others and gossip, yet Mormons (especially in Utah) are some of the worst offenders of this. You can say some of the list isn't taught, but they are expected (maybe not by all) in one way or another. Call it unwritten rules or whatever. What amazes me is how many of the things on this list are incestuous. Seems like most of the rules/expectations cause you to focus inward, instead of putting the focus on serving and helping with the needs of others. Even when my home teachers come over, I don't feel like they're genuine. I feel like they're doing it so they can check it off their to do list.

Unknown - Watch Gordon B. Hinckley's 60 Minutes interview with Mike Wallace. He acknowledges that members aren't to have caffeinated soft drinks.

Kristen/Scott - Here is an excerpt from a letter from the First Presidency to Stake Presidencies and Bishoprics on Jan 5, 1982. "Married persons should understand that if in their marital relations they are guilty of unnatural, impure, or unholy practices, they should not enter the temple unless and until they repent and discontinue any such practices....The First Presidency has interpreted oral sex as constituting an unnatural, impure, or unholy practice."

Christina - I believe the laughing out loud is a reference to the endowment ceremony where members covenant to avoid "loud laughter." It's been a while, but I think that's what they say. Not really sure what it means. Maybe something to do with making fun of others...?

Scott said...

Lol, sorry, but still there is no official stance of the church on caffeinated soft drinks, that clip is a joke, President hinckley was simply agreeing to having a very strict health code. A person or family may for themselves decided it is healthier for them, but not for any other person. If you don't believe me, go to the church office building in salt lake, they have caffeinated soft drinks in vending machines. Still don't believe me? How about the official Mormon rules handbook:

"The only official interpretation of “hot drinks” (D&C 89:9) in the Word of Wisdom is the statement made by early Church leaders that the term “hot drinks” means tea and coffee.

Members should not use any substance that contains illegal drugs. Nor should members use harmful or habit-forming substances except under the care of a competent physician."

Scott said...

Oh, and Eric, on oral sex, that statement was rescinded three months later. The facts are you will never be asked about the details of your sex life for a worthiness interview, except, "Do you live the law of chastity?" which is "Chastity means not having any sexual relations before marriage. It also means complete fidelity to husband or wife during marriage." ( You may ask for further clarification from your Bishop, but the response will greatly differ and will mostly be opinion.

Sonia said...
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andrea chiu said...

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Craig said...

I am married to a former Mormon. She says she was taught by this church that they have more commandments that do the Jews who have 613.

I am sorry to hear that you are now an atheist. I hope someday you will come to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ.

Hermoine Elena York said...

Hello! Thank you for the list! I'm actually trying to write down things I need to work on. Although things on your list are not correct I appreciate that you posted it. We are not commanded to do some of the things above, and certainly should not act in such a way. Everything is a choice. It is what the Lord had asked us but we have our own agency and we choose what we want. Things such as: be perfect, accept every calling, go to BYU, and conference being mandatory are not correct. Again everyone has agency and the Lord only expects us to do what we can. He never demands anything from us that we cannot do or will not be able to accomplish. I apologize that you had a bad experience. It is a lot of work, that's for sure! I know that there is a reason we are told to do most, not all, the things you listed and it is my choice to follow them. Thank you for the list :)
If anyone would like more information you can go to our church web page.
Have a great day!