Sunday, April 10, 2011

May the Blood of Jesus Drench You Continually

"Walk in peace knowing you are being covered in the Blood of Jesus everyday."

~ Child of God

Does anyone besides me find this to be slightly disturbing? This quote and this picture were taken directly from Child of God's blog.

This is barbaric!

CoG stated to me that she moderates her blog because she doesn't want her children or sensitive visitors to see "bad" stuff. Yet this picture is posted in plain sight and it is somehow just fine. They can't see "fuck" or "damn" and yet it is perfectly acceptable to post a graphic picture of a person being brutally tortured to death.

Christianity is a primitive religion that believes in human sacrifice and cannibalism. First, you glory in his slow, miserable death and then eat his flesh and drink his blood.

Child of God, just in case you're still wondering why I'm so "closed minded", this is why! Because your religion is creepy and disturbing.


Faith said...

That's really disturbing.

Hypatia said...


Um, ew?

Mormon411 said...

That's exactly what I thought!

Exhalted Outcast said...

That is sick. Not much to say about it as that is wrong on multiple levels.

If I walked down the street pouring blood on folks I go to JAIL! If I wish a christian "may the blood of christ cover you daily" they say "thanks!"


I say "May the semen of John Holmes cover you" hahahahaha. said...

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Cath.. said...

i am completely intrigued by your entire blog. consider me a follower of your work!