Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Is Leaving the Church Really the "Easy" Path?

All members of the LDS church know the position and attitude towards those who are deceived and fall away. Their attitude is that the church is true, the devil knows the church is true and tries to deceive as many people away from it as possible. Don't let the devil deceive you!!!!!!

All of those who "fall away" were once members and they know the churches attitude toward them. Think about this, LDS members, before you write condescending letters and comments to those who leave...

You might believe with all your being that the LDS church is true. But people willingly walk away from it every day. Why would they do that if they knew that they were going to be spending the rest of eternity with Satan? Why would they leave the church KNOWING how LDS members view those who walk away?

When a person discovers the truth for themselves and knows that they can no longer be Mormon, the thoughts that every one of them faces are these:

"I will be labeled."

"I will be lovebombed."

"I will be accused of sinning."

"I will be told I am deceived by Satan."

"I might be shunned by family and friends."

"I will be asked who offended me."

When a person leaves the church, knowing in advance what the social reprocussions will be, how easy, just is it, to walk away? How easy is it to abandon the only lifestyle you have ever known? You condescending LDS people write your damning letters and make false accusations. But did you ever stop to think about what that person is going through? Did you ever stop to think that they still love their LDS family and friends? Did you ever stop to think that they are terrified that those they love the most will speak ill of them and reject them?

Why would a person walk away knowing that they very well might lose their family? Their home? Their lifelong friends? Their job? Their reputation?

People who leave the church don't lose everything they have because god is punishing them. I've got news for you. They lose everything they have because the members of the only true church of Jesus Christ take it all away from them, and then make an example of them saying, "See? That's what happens when you turn your back on god."

When their own belief in Jesus dictates that they should show an increase of love, the LDS people dish out hell on those who leave at the most precarious time in their lives.

And it happens far too often. I get emails all the time from people who are leaving or questioning and they are heartbroken because their family now rejects them and refuses to support them.

Why would a person leave the church, knowing in advance what is most likely going to happen? For each person it is different. But to most, the threat of losing family, friends, home, job, and reputation is a worthy price to pay for intellecual freedom, self integrity, and "the truth".

So before you write that condescending "come back" letter, know that by sending it you are only reaffirming the reasons why that person left.

If some people are willing to sacrifice everything they have to get OUT of the LDS church, don't you think it's worth asking yourself, "Why?"


Heather said...

Good post. I wish I would have read something like this when I was so judgmental of those who left in my husbands family. It would be nice if a GA could touch on some of those points you mentioned, but.....

cara lou said...

Great post!! I think this will come in handy in the near future...

Dinahsoar said...

I've never been a Mormon but based on what I've seen/heard I imagine leaving is very difficult. It takes a lot of courage to walk away, to stand on your own convictions and live accordingly. But we can do no less. My convictions lead me to Christ. But they mine and I must not impose them on others. That is what religious liberty is all about.

Christ said 'ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.' Truth always breaks the chains of bondage. When we find ouselves bound by lies walking away is the only way of escaping the bondage of those lies.

And often the cost of our freedom does not come cheap. Loss is almost always part and parcel.

StampingBetty said...

it's pretty easy to gradually fade away, then move

Unknown said...

Don't get me wrong Mormon is a very evil religion this is why I walk away from them, and it wasn't hard for me to leave. I was introduce by a friend that was a Mormon that I had no idea was a Mormon, and I had no knowledge about Mormon, or about the church. When I attend a friend of mine ask me if I was ready, and when he said that, and that is when I walk away, and never look back.

I don't care what anybody says I won't tolerate any bullcrap that ask me if I am ready, or put any form of pressure on me.

A friend told me there is family that turn on each other over religion so Mormon is not the only religion that actually hurt there victims, and everybody is a victims one way, or an another from religion issue. I know people can have a hard life, and I am also a victims as well.

A true christian does not turn on to each other, nor attack, and yes I did attack the Mormon by saying they are evil, and by that I mean they are the cult that will do everything in there power to ruin your life anyway they can.

I am so glad that I walk away before it caused more damage the Mormon friend was showing me his money, and saying you'll get rich, and get blessing, and I am like I don't care about money what are they trying to do bribe me?

Also a Mormon friend also lace the truck window power window with meth a drug, and he kept asking me to roll the window down, and I got high, and got lace with drugs it got on my clothes, my hat, and my pants. Every time I wear on that cap I would get high, and I had to wash all my clothes to get it off.

There crazy I'm not kidding y'all, and I even had to block him, and stop talking to him cause he kept talking to me every once in awhile.

Please keep this in mind all religion speak truth, or half truth just because they say there the true one doesn't mean there true. God is love, and God love everybody, and all religion just remember love conquer all, and even sins.