Thursday, August 4, 2011

Warren Jeffs Found Guilty

Warren Jeffs is guilty of child rape. He forced a 12 year old and a 15 year old, who he had married, to have sex with him.

Keep in mind that this is the Fundamentalist group, which means that they believe in the original teachings as given by Joseph Smith. Warren Jeffs is a criminal... Joseph Smith was a criminal. No wonder he was in prison. Of course, the LDS people believe that Joseph Smith was thrown in prison because Satan was in the hearts of everyone. The real truth is that he was a rapist, just like his predecessor Warren Jeffs.

Jeffs even went so far as to fake a revelation threatening the judge with a sickness and swift death. So far, none of his "revelations" of doom and gloom have come to pass.

Even though leaders of the mainstream LDS church may not be directly involved with child rape, they are just as guilty of it for covering up the truth about the churches past. That makes them accessories in my opinion and just as guilty.


Sarah said...

Love this post! I was looking forward to reading what you had to say about his verdict... Cant wait for sentencing!

FredT said...

when you realize that all gods are just concepts, you will be free of religion.

Truthseeker said...

Could you please expound upon your statement that Joseph Smith was a rapist just like Warren Jeffs?

Mormon411 said...

Joseph Smith "married" and had sexual relations with young girls, many of them against their will. Imagine a grown man, who calls himself a prophet, having sex with children. It's sick and disgusting.

dmarks said...

Ever hear of King Strang?

Roma loe Jones said...

@mormon411. What is your source that Joseph Smith did such things? i've never heard of that. And the LDS church doesnt practice Polygamy anymore, The FLDS church is of their own sect

Mormon411 said...

Roma, I am not going to answer that question because if you really want to know, you will find it. It doesn't surprise me that you haven't heard it because the LDS church hides and covers up it's real past.

It's not that I'm not willing to share, but it will mean more to you if you do the reading and research yourself.

Although the current mainstream Mormon church does not do polygamy openly, I would argue that they still do it and still believe in it.

I say that because I know a man personally who is sealed to three women... one at a time of course; two of them are dead. But he sincerely believes that he will be with all 3 of his wives in the Celestial Kingdom.